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Scottish Taxi Driver Tackles Terrorist

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 5, 2007

Alex McIlveen, Taxi Driver in Glasgow:

He said: “I noticed a 4×4 sitting in the middle of the road. Then, as my passenger was paying and getting out, the Jeep rammed into the airport entrance right next to us.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The guy in the passenger seat was wearing a white T-shirt. He got out carrying what looked like a petrol bomb and seconds later the Jeep was in flames.

“Then he kicked and punched a man to the ground before punching a policeman square in the face. That’s when I saw red. That sort of thing just isn’t on.

“I told my passenger to run for her life, then I went for the man in the T-shirt and managed to skelp him in the face. I followed it up by booting him twice.

“By that time some other people had joined in and it seemed like the T-shirt guy was trying to get back into the Jeep. Then the driver got out of the car. He was already in flames. It was obvious he was the real psycho of the pair.

“Someone was hosing him down but the flames seemed to jump up again just as it looked like they had gone out. It was obvious the driver wanted into the boot of the Jeep for something and I was worried about what it was. I thought it must be a gun.

Source: Little Green Footballs

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