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The Hilda Beast Has Plans

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 2, 2007

Conservative Beach Girl has some news that should cause conservative activists to continue to be on the guard—regarding Hillary’s plans for the future. [Link]

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New Media Is new Power on the Right

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 2, 2007

“An important evolution has occurred in the conservative base. Bloggers, conservative talk radio hosts, and talk show listeners have evolved from party cheerleaders into the conservative power base. “

“Disappointed by the pork and pandering going into the 2006 elections, and ever confounded by the lack of leadership from the likes of Lott, Frist, and McCain, the informed, well-read, well written, and outspoken right has begun to use the new media and its energy to re-right the conservative agenda and get the conservative movement back on course.”

Excerpted from retired Marine Major Michael McBride’s July 1 TownHall column:”What I Learned in Senate School This Week.”

Er, this other McBride comment, “There are already plenty of Democrats around; we just don’t need Republicans imitating them,” recalls similar counsel given by former Wake Republican Rep Sam Ellis – – to former Moore County Republican Rep Richard Morgan in 2003: “We don’t need 2 Democrat parties in NC.”

Hat Tip: Charles G. especially for the North Carolina reference!

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