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Video: Hunting For a Red November

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 29, 2007

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Senators Dole, Burr, and The Daily Planet

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 29, 2007

I’d like to thank both of North Carolina’s US Senators for voting against cloture on the latest Amnesty attempt by those who would destroy America.

Who’ would have thunk that Dole would be more sensitive to her constituents than Burr, who has been touted as more conservative than Dole.

This is a victory that belongs to the conservative grassroots movement, and is but one of many to come. 2008 is looking better all the time.

The Asheville Daily Planet has published an article about the Rally to Stop Illegal Immigration, and did a much better, and accurate job of reporting than the AC-T.
If The Daily Planet ever became a daily, I believe they would give the Waste of Times a run for their money inside the city limits of Asheville.

To recap my own coverage of the Rally, see below:

[part one]
[part two]
[part three]

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