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Put Senator Burr on the Spot

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 27, 2007

with current Amnesty Supporter

Senator Richard Burr’s office
Thursday, June 28th
8:00-10:00 am

All legal citizens of North Carolina Welcome

Be there to encourage our Senator do the right thing

Help make Richard Burr’s unscheduled conference call on June 28th a success

If a sufficient number of citizens show up at Senator Burr’s Winston-Salem office on Thursday from 8:00-10:00, it is likely that his staff will be able to locate him in Washington such that he can afford those he was elected to represent a few minutes in his busy schedule.

There is a conference room in Senator Burr’s local office.
It has a speaker phone.
Richard Burr knows how to use it.

Contact the Senator:

Senator Richard Burr

2000 West First Street, Suite 508

Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Phone 800-685-8916 or 336-631-5125

Fax 336-725-4493


This will not be a march or street protest by lawbreakers.

This will simply be a spontaneous gathering of citizens asking for representation from their public servants.

Bring your cameras and cell phones not your signs and pitchforks. Senator Burr has one last chance to avoid facing the tar and feather crowd.

Only a handful of those who come out to Senator’s Burr’s office will be allowed inside to participate in any conference call. The rest will be able to know though that they helped make it happen.

Hat Tip: WCR Correspondent KR

Questions: Call Jim Capo at 336-253-1936

2 Responses to “Put Senator Burr on the Spot”

  1. falcon_01 said

    I recently purchased a house in beautiful NC- too bad we have not moved there yet, or I too would weigh in. I did write him a letter as a Sr. International Security Specialist- but as that has gotten little response from other senators, I doubt it will garner a reply from him.
    I look forward to someday moving to your wonderful state- and pray it will be under pleasant circumstances, and not simply a strategic retreat in the face of some disaster brought on by radical-terrorists-and-huggers.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    Call him any way…especially the regional offices.

    His office sent me a snail mail response to a form I filled out on his website.

    Well, if it is a strategis retreat, please be familar with SurivalBlog, on my right-hand sidebar…there is plenty of advice.
    Welcome to North Carolina!!!

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