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Stop Illegal Immigration Rally in Asheville, NC

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 22, 2007

The rally is tomorrow at AB Tech. The red tape has been cut through, speakers lined up, Invitations sent, and other things I can’t speak to just yet…just show up!

Saturday, June 23, at 2pm

Ferguson Auditorium

Laurel Building

AB-TECH on Victoria Road

Asheville, NC

PS A couple of our speakers will be on Take A Stand with Matt Mittan on WWNC-AM 570 sometime between 3pm and 6pm today.

WWNC Live Stream (Seems to only work in Internet Explorer for me)

Take A Stand Webpage

I will be posting photos and video sometime Monday morning and again around 5pm or so.

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The Do Nothing Congress

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 22, 2007

The 110th Congress has passed 71 bills thus far. 31 of those bills have been signed into law. Of the 31, 17 were to rename federal properties.

Source: Redstate

Some people might complain about a Congress that does nothing. Not me! I am very glad that Congress remains in a multi-year deadlock that has existed for at least since the 107th Congress, and very glad that the Democrats will get a taste of just exactly what a slium majority in both Houses really means, and whet their appetites with seeing a President who has finally found his veto pen.
Sure, some big bills have been passed since the class of 107, but no where near all of them. Now, if there were a way to get Congress to repeal some laws…

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