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A Taste of Scotland: Dancers 1

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 16, 2007

These girls are The Scottish Highland Dancers of Greeneville, TN.
This is the first of three videos of them at the “A Taste of Scotland” festival in Franklin, NC.
I also have taken many photos which will be available at my photoblog.

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Let Asheville Vote!

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 16, 2007

A Group of people are upset over the return to partisan elections in Asheville, and have started a petition drive, and now have a Yahoo! Group and a website called, Let Asheville Vote.

The Asheville Bloggers I am familar with have been silent on the issue, but not the Mountain Xpress, home of socialism in Asheville:

In a split and controversial vote, the Asheville City Council on Tuesday, June 12, decided to make the city’s mayoral and Council elections a partisan affair, pitting Democrats against Republicans (not to mention lesser parties and independents).

Mayor Terry Bellamy and Council members Jan Davis and Carl Mumpower voted against the measure. Those voting for it were Brownie Newman, Bryan Freeborn, Robin Cape and Vice-Mayor Holly Jones.

Unless a successful voter petition drive can be fulfilled within the next 30 days (followed by a voter referendum), the change will go into effect by the time of this year’s Sept. 11 primaries, followed by the city’s November general election.

Those voting against said the change was unnecessary and would hurt third-party candidates, who would be required to gather thousands of signatures via petition just to get on the ballot. Those who voted in favor said the move would help voters better decide who to vote for and should spur greater turnout, among other advantages.

Source: Mountain Xpress

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Murder of US Naval Officer Provided a Window into the 21st Century

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 16, 2007

I remember the brutal torture and murder of Robert Stethem by Muslim Terrorists 20 years ago. I was angry at President Reagan for his lack of response. While we were doing good things in Nicaragua, I felt betrayed. I thought he had learned the lesson of dealing with nasty people…be nastier. It works every time.

I was reminded of those days when I ran across a post on the Northeast Intelligence Network on my morning rounds:

15 June 2007: Twenty-two years ago today, U.S. Navy petty officer, Robert D. Stethem was savagely beaten, executed and thrown onto a hot airport tarmac in Beirut, Lebanon by Iranian backed Hezbollah terrorists during the marathon 17-day hijacking of TWA Flight 847. His lifeless body lay on the tarmac for hours, serving not only as proof of Islamist brutality, but as an omen of things to come. All of the Muslim terrorists who took part in the hijacking, killed Stethem and held the passengers and crew of the ill-fated flight incredulously remain free over two decades later.

Source: Northeast Intelligence Network

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