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Insight on freedom Back in Business!

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 5, 2007

Attention: “INSIGHT on Freedom” readers and commenters!

INSIGHT on Freedom has been reviewed and released (UNLOCKED) by Blogger effective today, 6-04-07!

Is this record timeā€¦ or what?

Thank you for your moral support, and your concern, and for standing with another Blogger. It matters not which side of the political spectrum you inhabit, Bloggers truly do form a tight community stretching across the web. It has proven to be a caring community and one, which is quickly moved to support other bloggers, if, and when, the need arises.

We, here at IoF, will continue to produce conservative commentary for your perusal, your consideration, and your discussion. We invite you to visit often. Leave your thoughts and your comments. They are all appreciated!

Thank you, again, and warmest personal regards,


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Remembering Tiananmen Square

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 5, 2007

I remember the students massacred at Tiananmen Square by the Chinese government. I also remember the weak response by the West in general and President George H.W. Bush in particular. Not one of the leaders of Western governments possessed an ounce of the courage that filled the students in that square.
I wonder how many were killed, how many still languish in prison? How many still perform hard labor?

A Photo Essay can be found at Christus Rex

The National Security Archives has a Declassified History

Wikipedia has a page as well.

I tend to have a visceral reaction to seeing someone living under oppression, and would like to see our government do more to spread the liberty that we enjoy here. My instinct is to oppose the strong centralized governments that are so effective at quashing people’s God-given Right to Free Speech. I salute the memoryu of the students at that Square, and hope that our people will display that kind of courage when our time comes to oppose an oppression here. The big difference here is that tens of millions will have weapons, and a few hundred thousand will have more than just sidearms and hunting rifles.

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