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Plot to explode fuel tanks at JFK Airport disrupted – Four Islamic terrorists arrrested

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 2, 2007

2 June 2007: At least 3 of 4 Muslim terrorists, one who is a former airport worker at JFK, have been arrested for plotting to blow-up fueling areas at JFK Airport in New York, potentially setting off a massive explosion at the airport and potentially crippling air travel for some time and causing a conflagration of unprecedented proportions. Although considered a “domestic terror cell” it has international dimensions as two cell members were arrested in Trinidad, one was arrested in the New York area, and one suspect is believed to be a former member of parliament or government official from Guyana.

Source: Northeast Intelligence Network

For a “Religion of Peace,” they sure do try to commit a lot of violent acts, unlike the Knights of Columbus or the local Choir Group.

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There others, but these are the ones I check first before adding data to West Carolina Report.

My big fear is that these groups will figure out that an attack against hardened targets in bigger cities offer little chance of success, and that targets in smaller cities and rural communities offer limitless possibilities, especially in schools, Rec Fields, Churches, Offices, Restaurants, and Rush Hour Traffic. Of course, many citizens in the more rural areas carry firearms, and can limit their success in areas that are not Gun-Free Zones.

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