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Blogs for Borders Video Blogburst 2007 0522

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 22, 2007

It’s that time again!

Read the post.

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Senate Blinks on Amnesty Bill

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 22, 2007

Well, your phones calls, faxes, and emails have worked! The Senate is putting off deliberating on this atrocious bill. We cannot rest on our laurels, and must continue working toward getting them to build a secure border, north and south, before arresting the border-crossing lawbreakers.

Read Amnesty Fraud by Thomas Sowell.

Also, a brief heads up, I will be pursuing a program of monitoring one of the local spots for hiring illegal aliens, and will be reporting on the employers who hire them, both online, and to federal authorities…so stay tuned over the next couple of months as I get that up and running.

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The “Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007”

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 21, 2007

Even if it passes both Houses, and is signed by the President, it will never be fully implemented!
How do I come to this conclusion?

Quoting from the introduction about when the Act becomes effective:

shall become effective on the date that the Secretary submits a written
certification to the President and the Congress that the following
border security and other measures are funded, in place, and in

(1) Staff Enhancements for Border Patrol: The U.S. Customs and
Border Protection (CBP) Border Patrol has, in its continued effort
to increase the number of agents and support staff, hired 18,000

(2) Strong Border Barriers: Have installed at least 200 miles of
vehicle barriers, 370 miles of fencing, and 70 ground-based
radar and camera towers along the southern land border of the
United States, and have deployed 4 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
and supporting systems;

(3) Catch and Return: The Department of Homeland Security is
detaining all removable aliens apprehended crossing the
southern border, except as specifically mandated by law or
humanitarian circumstances, and U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) has the resources to maintain this practice,
including resources to detain up to 27,500 aliens per day on an
annual basis;

(4) Workplace Enforcement Tools: As required through all the
provisions of Title III of this Act, the Department of Homeland
Security has established and is using secure and effective
identification tools to prevent unauthorized workers from
obtaining jobs in the United States. These tools shall include, but
not be limited to, establishing:

(i) strict standards for identification documents that must
be presented in the hiring process, including the use of
secure documentation that contains a photograph,
biometrics, and/or complies with the requirements for such
documentation under the REAL ID Act; and

(ii) an electronic employment eligibility verification system
that queries federal and state databases to restrict fraud,
identity theft, and use of false social security numbers in
the hiring process by electronically providing a digitized
version of the photograph on the employee’s original
federal or state issued document or documents for
verification of the employee’s identity and work eligibility;

(5) Processing Applications of Aliens: The Department of
Homeland Security has received and is processing and
adjudicating in a timely manner applications for Z nonimmigrant
status under Title VI of this Act, including conducting all
necessary background and security checks.

(b) It is the sense of Congress that the border security and other
measures described in such subsection can be completed within 18
months of enactment, subject to the necessary appropriations.

(c) The President shall submit a report to Congress detailing the
progress made in funding, appropriating, contractual agreements
reached, and specific progress on each of the measures include in

(i) 90 days after the date of enactment; and
(ii) every 90 days thereafter until the terms of this section have
been met.
If the President determines that sufficient progress is not being made,
the President shall include in the report specific funding
recommendations, authorization needed, or other actions that are
being undertaken by the Department.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. NZ Bear has kindly made available a version that you may browse online to read what our Senators haven’t read.
It would be nice of you to quote from the darn thing as you discuss your displeasure with it while on the phone with the staffers of the leadership of both parties.
Our elected critters need to realize we aren’t idiots, and will hold them accountable if they decide to enact this sorry excuse for legislation.

To find contact info for your critters:

SENATE 202-225-3121

HOUSE 202-224-3121

WHITE HOUSE 202-456-1111

The House and Senate Numbers are Switchboards, and you can ask politely to be transferred to the person’s office you wish to speak with. For example to be connected with John McCain’s office, just ask for Senator John McCain’s office, and voila, you will be transferred.

I called the White House Comment Line, and briefly expressed my displeasure with the Bill, and I may post the audio later today after I get off work, after I stitch together some of the previous attempts that got busy signals. It took 45 minutes to get through, and is the longest time so far, so I hope many others were expressing their displeasure as well.

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Prophet of Doom

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 20, 2007

I just got through listening to the archived podcast of Atlas on the Air I downloaded earlier this week, where Pamela interviews the author of The Prophet of Doom.

I believe this interview should receive wider coverage, even though it has a few bitter pills for me to swallow.

From his website:

Islam in Muhammad’s Own Words
Islam is a caustic blend of paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone prophet, conceived his religion to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist. And if you think these conclusions are shocking, wait until you see the evidence.

Critics of Prophet of Doom claim it is offensive, hatemongering, and unnecessarily violent. We agree – but we didn’t write those parts. They came directly from Islam’s scriptures. Over the course of these pages, we quote from most every surah in the Qur’an – putting each verse in the context of Muhammad’s life by quoting vociferously from Islam’s most trusted sources.

The downside to the whole thing: There is no collective hope for our nation, only individual hope in reference to his book Yada Yahweh.

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Amnesty Deal Will Cost McCain the White House

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 19, 2007

I will admit it, I was a little concerned that Arizona Senator John McCain might get the GOP nomination for President.
Now, with Senate Passage of the “Immigration Reform,” I can rest easy. He will not get the nomination. He may survive Giga-Tuesday, but that will only be the shear force of his nation-endangering ego.

My utter disgust with Senator McCain began with McCain-Feingold,[a law that I will not follow, should I ever fall under it’s provision] and he continues to work to destroy America on our dime to this day.

I will say that Governor Mitt Romney’s stock went up with his comments on the bill:

“I strongly oppose today’s bill going through the Senate. It is the wrong approach. Any legislation that allows illegal immigrants to stay in the country indefinitely, as the new ‘Z-Visa’ does, is a form of amnesty. That is unfair to the millions of people who have applied to legally immigrate to the U.S.

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Horror in Knoxville: The Legacy Media Remains Silent

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 17, 2007

According to a commenter, he was on the story before the Malkin.
If Malkin did use his material without attribution, that is just wrong, even if your web page appears to be of a White Supremacist flavor…and doubly cursed by me for being so.

Check out this Video.

Hat Tip: Al Fin (I heard it first on Quinn & Rose, but could find no links.)


I think it is time for bloggers to start paying attention to their regional wire stories, and their local papers and crime blotter reports, and report on the stories that the Legacy Media refuse to report, and that is part of the goal of my Drudge-clone, West Carolina Report. Later this summer, citizen journalists will begin to contribute original news reports, and offer commentary on current events. I have already begun part of that with the guest commentaries of Richard Rivette and John Armor, and I will be expanding to include more commentators and podcasts.

Stay Tuned for the future of news reporting.

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Pearl Harbor, Asheville Style

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 17, 2007

Statement by Mike Thompson

In the worst secretive tradition of Imperial Japan’s military leaders, as so tragically demonstrated at Pearl Harbor, Asheville’s City Council last night pounced on its peaceful neighbors at Biltmore Lake without the decency of a warning.

The sneak attack on our community is not only a date that will live in infamy, it is a day that will cost taxpayers of the City of Asheville huge legal bills to defend in court–because the North Carolina Supreme Court already has ruled that such greed-motivated annexation as envisioned by Asheville’spoliticians is illegal. It also is a day that will earn Asheville government the lifelong enmity of Buncombe County residents who are not willing to havetheir homes stolen by Asheville’s radical City Council majority in order to pay for extreme government programs patterned on the discredited ideas of socialist Karl Marx.

The only hero in last night’s outrageous (but typical) City Council performance was Councilman Carl Mumpower. Decrying the immoral proposed forced annexation of Biltmore Lake, Dr. Mumpower felt forced to walk out of the meeting when he was effectively censored and ordered to be silent by officiating
and officious Vice-Mayor Holly Jones. Ms. Jones flaunted her extremism in February when she and colleague Brownie Newman actually proposed that the first two million dollars extracted from Biltmore Lake’s families under proposed annexation should be used to pay two million dollars’ worth of tax bills for existing Asheville residents!

This is the same tax policy first proposed by theoretician Marx, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”–the same philosophy that destroyed the Soviet Union and forced the world’s biggest nation, mighty Communist China, to adopt free-market, U.S.-type economic development.

Asheville thus has declared war on the community and families of Biltmore Lake, plus our nation’s Constitution and its Bill of Rights. We shall fight the city’s misguided majority in the courts. We shall fight the city’s misguided majority in the public square. And like the American people after their violent wakeup call Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, we shall be victorious–so help us God.

Mike Thompson

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BBC Video: The Lyre Bird

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 16, 2007

I’m a sucker for nature films, and David Attenborough is one of my favorites.

Watch this amazing video of a Lyre Bird as it imitates other birds in pursuit of a mate. It also can imitate manmade sounds. I thought the Mockingbird was pretty good!

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Ron Paul: Utterly Clueless

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 16, 2007

Or, Ron Paul Channels Cindy SheeHag

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

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Posted by Thunder Pig on May 15, 2007

Guest Commentary


I had a lot of sympathy for the parents of the missing 4-year-old girl who disappeared while they vacationed in Portugal. Who wouldn’t?
Until I read the details. Funny how those change your perspective. Buried in paragraph five of a recent story is the incriminating statement:
“The girl vanished May 3 after her parents left her, and her brother and sister, both aged 2, alone while they went to a nearby restaurant within their hotel complex in Portugal’s Algarve region, a popular European tourist destination.”
Excuse me. I may be old-fashioned. But isn’t this child abuse? I mean, who leaves two two-year-olds and a four-year-old alone, EVER? And who goes to a foreign country to go to a restaurant while their children are God knows where? I don’t care if you are going into the next room to use the bathroom. You have to either take your toddler with you or watch them with the door open.
I know they will say that the kids were in a locked apartment. So great. They can only incinerate themselves with the stove, fall out a window or impale themselves on something. At least they were inside. Alone.
Instead of offering reward money, the celebrities involved should demand these parents get a psych exam. It takes less the two seconds for a toddler to hurt themselves in a myriad of ways when left alone. You have to be completely vigilant and even then accidents happen. This was no accident.
This story reminds me of the time I found a three year old wandering the streets at 2 a.m. in a rough part of town while on an investigation. I called the police to retrieve him. I could not believe a child was allowed to just wander in the pitch black along the roads, among dogs, cars, and drug dealers. How responsible. I wager those parents were in a drug stupor exercising their freedoms by ignoring their children.
I know the free-for-all liberals would say, “the parents had a right to enjoy themselves at the restaurant.” Yeah. I have no faith children of such parents will actually reach adulthood.


Here’s an eye opener. Have a child, become totally responsibly for everything that happens to that child for the next eighteen years minimum. If you cannot take that responsibility then don’t have children. I cannot imagine leaving my child alone for any length of time. Ever. Our child is with us or in the company of a trusted guardian, period.
I hope they find that girl soon. I hope she is okay. I hope some kind soul found her wandering and let her in to feed her cookies and just doesn’t have a television or any idea who to ask about her.
But we all know that’s probably not what happened.
Those parents should lose their other children and face jail time.
What they did leaving those children alone so they could dine was a crime.
But that’s where we’ve come to in our liberal society. Kids are just a by-product apparently. At least, that’s how a lot of parents treat them. And we wonder why so many sociopaths are emerging.
Don’t bother looking for this kind of analysis from the mainstream media or liberal pundits. They are all too busy celebrating the death of Jerry Fallwell today. Like he was evil or something. The liberals I’ve known are generally sick and twisted people who have convinced themselves that conservative, responsible people are the ones who need mental exams.


Authority is granted to reproduce this article at will provided the notice is given that the contents are copyright 2007 WNCCB2.

[Editorial Note: The author of this article is being stalked online and has requested that I remove their name from this post. I have done so.

Note to the Stalker…Stalk Me, and see what it gets you.]

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