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5 Dead in Crash, Driver Unlicensed and Possibly an Illegal Alien

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 25, 2007

A horrible head-on collision yesterday morning in Mitchell County, North Carolina killed five people.

An S-10, driven by Roberto Sixtos, about 20 yrs old, of Mexico and Marion, NC crossed the centerline and corrected back into his lane, where he struck the Land Rover driven by 58 yr-old Jimmie Dotts, of Mitchell County,, who had swerved into the other lane to avoid the S-10. All five were dead by the time a NC Highway Patrol Trooper arrived five minutes later. [Link to AC-T Photo Gallery]

Sixtos did not have a Drivers License, and it is currently unknown if he were in this country legally or not.

Here are some links to online coverage of this developing story:

Asheville Citizen-Times

Snapshot of page at JKN

Topix Page for comments on story

AP Wire Version from FOX Carolina

Mitchell News-Journal Breaking

The story this morning from AC-T with Topix discussion.

To give you an idea about just a portion of the cost of illegal immigration, over 2,000 Americans are murdered every year by Illegal Aliens, and that tops the number of American soldiers killed in any two years of combat in Iraq.

If we had secured our borders, then Jimmie Dotts might still be teaching classes today at Enka High School.

One Response to “5 Dead in Crash, Driver Unlicensed and Possibly an Illegal Alien”

  1. Screwy Hoolie said

    If we had…

    committed to alternative energies, then we might not be in Iraq today.

    decided to ban smoking, then millions of Americans might be alive today.

    Killed 50% of newborns, then we wouldn’t have overpopulation and starvation killing millions each year.

    The idea that if only we put enough fences and satellites and guards and dogs and guns and racist minutemen on the Mexican border crime will drop dramatically is an interesting theory – it’s as though the author thinks there isn’t any social cost to dehumanizing and vilifying entire swaths of people. As though promoting violence against a certain wouldn’t increase violence against that group.

    It’s as though the author doesn’t realize there are thousands of ports and thousands of miles of Canadian border that become the next, most obvious entry points.

    If we had put our umbrellas up, it would have stopped raining.

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