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New Blog: Survival Strategies

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 24, 2007

Ever wonder about what you would need to know in case the Schumer hits the fan, and our infrastructure collapses? Remember Katrina? That storm disrupted the infrastructure for a few weeks, but food and other emergency supplies were being trucked in within a week or so. Not many were prepared, and certainly very few in New Orleans were…

A new blog called Survival Strategies, has come to my attention, and I would like for you to go take a look, and maybe start preparing for the inevitable collapse [short or long term] of our infrastructure.

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Supporting Forces of Freedom Abroad

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 24, 2007

There is an interesting post on the Center for Vigilant Freedom/910 Group Blog about the nature of our war with the radical elements of Islam, whom I refer to as Islamic Imperialists, and our general ignorance regarding same.

But our governments often refuse to admit that they are under an Information War siege, and they refuse to keep and defend that solid constitutional terrain they’ve received as a legacy from earlier generations. Demoralized by political correctness, they can’t believe that constitutional laws and Western values are the high ground – both moral and strategic. So, we are left to fight the war of ideas on dangerous terrain of a very different type – what Sun Tzu calls “entangling terrain”:

I suggest you read it.

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