Thunderpig’s Mirror

BIll Whittle Has An Idea

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 23, 2007

Essayist Bill Whittle, the essayist, has put up a two part essay [One] [Two] [More] and “something wonderful” and you really should read it, and if so moved, participate.

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon in certain circles within the last year, the formation of communities of like-minded people willing to act in order to effect change in our society. These groups range all the way from local political groups, to national and international movements in the political range, and beyond.

My belief is that people have had enough of the destruction of Western Civilization, and are finally waking up, banding together, and beginning the first steps in a new multi-phasic effort to stop the bleeding from political action to other means.

I’d say we are at about 1760ish right now, maybe even the 1770s. I don’t know if I hear hooves in the distance night just yet.

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