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R.I.P. America

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 23, 2007

In loving memory…

The United States of America

It was good while it lasted. Too bad it’s over.

Every great country must come to an end. In man’s history, the average age of a great civilization is about 200 years. America made it a bit longer, but now it’s time has come as well.

Now I don’t mean to say that overnight the place will suddenly cease to exist. However, the America that was created over 200 years ago is completely gone now. It’s been on a decline for some time, and this really is it. I remember well the celebrations of 1976 (though I was quite young) — and I would be willing to be there will be no celebration in 2076. The country has died.

I do not write this lightly, nor without great thought. I do not write this with joy or sarcasm. I write this, fervently believing that it is true, despite the rejections and declarations of many.

There were brief rays of hope that paused the decline of freedom and liberty. Ronald Reagan, from 1980-1988 worked hard and tirelessly to stop oppression and really gave hope to a lot of people. He renewed faith in America and in it’s people. But that was just an upward blip on the steady decline of the country. Under the leadership of Newt Gingrich, there was another upward tick for just a short time in 1994. This blip was smaller than the 80s, and shorter. But with the passage of global amnesty, the decline is complete. There is no hope for America.

Now I’m not saying I’m hopeless. I’m not feeling personally bad. But there is no hope for America today. America was built on a strong Christian work ethic. America was a great country once. It was built on rugged individualism — people worked hard and knew hard work would be rewarded. America was truly a shining light on a hill — a beacon of freedom around the world. America defeated Communism. America defeated Hitler and Nazi Germany when they wanted to rule the world. America had a real identity, and the whole world knew it. But that is to be no more.

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My personal realization that we had lost our Republic was the lack of response to the murder of dozens of Americans at Waco [by the citizenry en masse and the other branches of government]. That was when I began digging caches. Our underwhelming response to 9/11 was another alarm. Amnesty for law-breaking Alien Invaders is just another increase in the volume of the alarm.

I still have to go through the motions of fighting this slide to a democratic tyranny for a little while longer…

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BIll Whittle Has An Idea

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 23, 2007

Essayist Bill Whittle, the essayist, has put up a two part essay [One] [Two] [More] and “something wonderful” and you really should read it, and if so moved, participate.

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon in certain circles within the last year, the formation of communities of like-minded people willing to act in order to effect change in our society. These groups range all the way from local political groups, to national and international movements in the political range, and beyond.

My belief is that people have had enough of the destruction of Western Civilization, and are finally waking up, banding together, and beginning the first steps in a new multi-phasic effort to stop the bleeding from political action to other means.

I’d say we are at about 1760ish right now, maybe even the 1770s. I don’t know if I hear hooves in the distance night just yet.

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