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Horror in Knoxville: The Legacy Media Remains Silent

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 17, 2007

According to a commenter, he was on the story before the Malkin.
If Malkin did use his material without attribution, that is just wrong, even if your web page appears to be of a White Supremacist flavor…and doubly cursed by me for being so.

Check out this Video.

Hat Tip: Al Fin (I heard it first on Quinn & Rose, but could find no links.)


I think it is time for bloggers to start paying attention to their regional wire stories, and their local papers and crime blotter reports, and report on the stories that the Legacy Media refuse to report, and that is part of the goal of my Drudge-clone, West Carolina Report. Later this summer, citizen journalists will begin to contribute original news reports, and offer commentary on current events. I have already begun part of that with the guest commentaries of Richard Rivette and John Armor, and I will be expanding to include more commentators and podcasts.

Stay Tuned for the future of news reporting.

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Pearl Harbor, Asheville Style

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 17, 2007

Statement by Mike Thompson

In the worst secretive tradition of Imperial Japan’s military leaders, as so tragically demonstrated at Pearl Harbor, Asheville’s City Council last night pounced on its peaceful neighbors at Biltmore Lake without the decency of a warning.

The sneak attack on our community is not only a date that will live in infamy, it is a day that will cost taxpayers of the City of Asheville huge legal bills to defend in court–because the North Carolina Supreme Court already has ruled that such greed-motivated annexation as envisioned by Asheville’spoliticians is illegal. It also is a day that will earn Asheville government the lifelong enmity of Buncombe County residents who are not willing to havetheir homes stolen by Asheville’s radical City Council majority in order to pay for extreme government programs patterned on the discredited ideas of socialist Karl Marx.

The only hero in last night’s outrageous (but typical) City Council performance was Councilman Carl Mumpower. Decrying the immoral proposed forced annexation of Biltmore Lake, Dr. Mumpower felt forced to walk out of the meeting when he was effectively censored and ordered to be silent by officiating
and officious Vice-Mayor Holly Jones. Ms. Jones flaunted her extremism in February when she and colleague Brownie Newman actually proposed that the first two million dollars extracted from Biltmore Lake’s families under proposed annexation should be used to pay two million dollars’ worth of tax bills for existing Asheville residents!

This is the same tax policy first proposed by theoretician Marx, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”–the same philosophy that destroyed the Soviet Union and forced the world’s biggest nation, mighty Communist China, to adopt free-market, U.S.-type economic development.

Asheville thus has declared war on the community and families of Biltmore Lake, plus our nation’s Constitution and its Bill of Rights. We shall fight the city’s misguided majority in the courts. We shall fight the city’s misguided majority in the public square. And like the American people after their violent wakeup call Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, we shall be victorious–so help us God.

Mike Thompson

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