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Starting Year Three of Thunder Pig

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 14, 2007

First, the Bad News:

I am considered a domestic terrorist, and not just by the lefties:

Are you a terrorist?

Your score is 85%

You are a domestic terrorist — according to the US government. In fact, you scored so high that your name is likely in one of the super-secret government databases and your phone and email usage may be monitored. After all, the government needs to watch you to keep everyone else safe. Those “rights” you claim to have were exchanged for “Security,” so stop complaining about them.

Take this score !

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To get this in context, visit Ogre’s Politics & Views.

I can, with great confidence, assure you that I am on some watch lists.
Which is why I fly privately instead of commercial!!

Now, for the Good News:

I attended the Dedication of Franklin’s “NC Civil War Trail Markers” on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite the loss of my 7.1 Megapixel Camera Friday. My 4 MP backup worked well, even though I mistakenly left it on the 3 MP setting (D’Oh!).

I also had a Camcorder that I used to record the event, and will have video up by Wednesday at the latest because of problems converting the video files.
I will have photos tomorrow of the Wreath laying by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and a reenactment of the surrender of the last organized land unit east of the Mississippi in Franklin on May 12, 1865.

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