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Connections: Communists and Illegal Alien Rallies

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 12, 2007

Across the U.S., spirited and determined demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of workers took place on May Day, international day of the working class. In L.A., Chicago and New York City, in Miami and Boston, in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, in Denver, Phoenix, Seattle and Portland, in Detroit, Minneapolis, and many many more cities and towns, working people stood as one to demand their rights. Everywhere the stand that An Injury to One is an Injury to All could be seen. The actions denounced deportations, detentions and the brutal separation of families. They stood against racism and war, against profiling and the terrorism of the government. Many women with children and youth joined in, rejecting the demand that youth join the military and demanding education and healthcare. Broad opposition to criminalization, not only of undocumented workers, but of the youth in their high schools, farmers in the fields, factory workers contending with raids and attacks on their unions, could be seen. United, all together, protesters said We Defend the Rights of All!

In New York City, immigrant workers from many countries poured into the streets with their flags and signs. Whether Polish or Peruvian, Haitian or Filipino, Pakistani or El Salvadoran, Chinese or Irish, together they stood against government impunity. They opposed the many attacks on their rights in the U.S. and also opposed U.S. interference and aggression in their home countries. Numerous community and immigrant rights organizations also made their presence known, as did the many anti-war activists who joined the actions. Participants reflected the broad spirit that through building resistance, the peoples will win, chanting Si Se Puede! It Can Be Done! Nowhere did government efforts to silence or intimidate the peoples prevail.

Source: Voice of Revolution

Parent Website: U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization

Hat Tip: Robert M.

The use of the word “worker” when talking about “people” is a clue that Communists are in the house. Like our modern Democrat (ic!) Party, Communists do not see people as indivivuals, only as part of a group, an ingredient, if you will, that is necessary to bring about a utopiafor “the working class” or “the working man.”

They do not see them as individuals, working their way through life, sometimes with a lot of success, sometimes, not so much. The key here is that Capitalism acknoledges merit, worth, and accomplishment by individuals, who are responsible for their success, or lack of it in the Free Market.

If I do good work, I am rewarded with good pay. If my employer does not acknowledge that to my satisfaction, I can seek better wages elsewhere. Over time, if I have saved more than I bring in, I can start my own business and make even more money, and employ people, and add to the communities where I live, and my employees live.

Most Americans are, at some level, privy to this game played by the left, and their bed-partners, the Communists. Illegal Aliens, for the most part, are not. In order for the left, and Communists, to maintain the hope of taking over and doing away with Capitalism is the creation and maintenance of a Peasant Class. A group of people who will let others do their political thinking for them, and show up en masse when required. Many of them are showing up at the polls as well. It is my belief that major vote fraud is taking place, and I may have something to report on that during the next election, if my plans go well.

You may laugh when I say they mean to take over not only the USA, but the entire world as well, just like the Islamic Imperialists. Right now, while both are relatively weak militarily, they will work together [NY Sun] [LGF] [Al-Ahram] to improve their position until they can take us down, then they aim to eliminate the other.

And here is the last paragraph of that report:

Worldwide the same determined spirit was evident. Throughout the Americas, in Africa, Asia and Europe, workers and oppressed peoples stood as one to say, We Are One Humanity Fighting for Another World!

Fighting for Another World? Would that be the World of Communism, perhaps?

Remember, the price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance, not Peace Dividends.

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