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The Spockranos

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2007

Yes, I did not work today, and have been up to no good on teh interwebs!

Hat Tip : The Knightshift

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Mormon Beliefs via You Tube

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2007

I found this on The Hendersonville Post.

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Congressman Heath Shuler in the News

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2007

Newly elected Representative–and former NFL quarterback–Heath Shuler has gotten himself into the news. Only not the way he would likely have wanted.

First off, there is this little tidbit, which indicates that Shuler is not willing to give religious groups hiring and firing ability when it comes to their participation in Head Start. As Ramesh Ponnuru notes, even some liberals in the House Democratic Caucus believe that this proposal goes a bit too far to the Left. Why Shuler feels he needs to make this proposal is something of a mystery and how he thinks that he will continue to be considered a “conservative Democrat” after proposals like this one similarly boggles the mind.

Source: Redstate

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From Support to Surrender: Democrats on Iraq

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2007

I found this video on Gateway Pundit.

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The Syntax of a HexaDecimal Drumroll

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2007

There is a certain Hexadecimal string floating around the internet that has certain knickers in a wad, and local blogger syntax has converted it into a drum roll.

All I can say is wow! Go have a listen.

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