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You Want Some of This, Senator Reed?

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 20, 2007

An Open Letter to Senator Harry Reid [Copperhead Dhimmicrat]

Dear Senator Reed:

In my opinion, you have crossed the line with your declaration that we have lost.

Shame on you Senator, you have betrayed your nation, your oath of office, and history will spit on your memory.

Should you decide to act like a man, I have a video for you, which I found posted on Free Republic:

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Whither Ismail Ax?

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 19, 2007

I don’t quite know what to think of the weird inked inscription on Cho’s arm. I have been reading about the speculations on and off, and am still unsure.

Why would the murderer remain silent, and only give vague hints?

Could the young man have been a weapon found, forged, and directed to keep blame off the conspirators? [A 5GW Tactic]

I don’t know.

Read more at Webloggin, where some more thinking, and linking has been done. I am ill, and just don’t have the energy to do original research just now.

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Fearing Fox News and Media Manipulation

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 19, 2007

I was going to do a write-up on the Nut Root Jihad against Fox News, then I saw this cartoon over at Ogre’s Politics & Views, and could not resist swiping it because it said basically what I had in mind, only more effectively.

I am 100% certain that who ever gets the Democrat nomination, will appear on Fox News, because without the Number One News Network, they cannot win the White House.

The candidates are fearful of a shrill minority in their party, who pull all the strings of the Legacy Media, as detailed in the following video:

Parting Shot…

NC House Backs Armed Judges because fat deputies can’t draw fast enough when mayhem breaks loose.

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NC-10 Congressman to receive Spirit of Enterprise Award

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 18, 2007

WASHINGTON, DC-The United States Chamber of Commerce today presented Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC-10) with its annual “Spirit of Enterprise” award for his strong voting record on critical business issues in the second session of the 109th Congress.

“Rep. McHenry proved to be a valuable ally to the business community last year, supporting measures to stimulate job creation and spur economic growth,” said Tom Donohue, Chamber president and CEO. “The business community appreciates Patrick’s dedication to a pro-growth agenda and we are proud to present him with this award.”

The Chamber’s prestigious “Spirit of Enterprise” award is given annually to members of Congress based on rankings it gives for key business votes outlined in its yearly publication, “How They Voted.” Rep. McHenry compiled a 93% score with the Chamber last year and holds a cumulative 91% ranking during his tenure in Congress.

Hat Tip: NC Rumors

US Chamber of Commerce

I also note that our former Congressman Charles Taylor also was recognized with the same award, and I would like to acknowledge that achievement.

It seems unlikely that our current Congressman will be so recognized due to denying the right to a secret ballot by workers faced with union thuggery. I have faced these thugs before, and met their violence with violence. [Reminder to self: tell story after statute of limitations is past.]

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Brave Horatio

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 18, 2007

Professor Liviu Librescu recognized that Evil was coming to his classroom. He had seen evil before, when many of his family were swallowed by the Holocaust. He survived, and went on to have a family of his own and pursue a successful career in aeronautical engineering.

This time, when evil came, he stood at the door and instructed his students to flee. Then evil took him. He fell. He gave them the time to flee as the bullets pierced his body. He purchased, with his life, the lives and futures of his students.

He will be laid to rest in Israel on Thursday.

Places you may read more about Professor Liviu Librescu:

Gates of Vienna

Red State

Update: 7.45am

I just heard on the Quinn and Rose Show a suggestion by Jim Quinn that I believe an excellent one. [I listen on XM 165, you can listen online by googling WPGB or looking on my left sidebar for the listen live link.]

He proposes to memorialize Professor Librescu by bronzing the door he held his body against, and placing it on a pedestal in front of the Engineering Building on the Virginia Tech Campus, and a life-size bronze statuteof the professor buying his students the time to escape with his life. Then, they should rename the building in his honor.

Amen, Quinn, Amen.

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Aggregation of Virginia Tech Massacre Coverage

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 17, 2007

I decided to lift my block of coverage from my news site and put it here, where it might be found more easily by those who read blogs.

The Virginia Tech Massacre Victims

32 Shot Dead on Virginia Tech Campus – John Broder, New York Times

It’s Too Early for ‘Healing’ – Dennis Prager, Creators

In Loco Parentis

People Must Be Able to Save Themselves – Neal Boortz, Nealz Nuze

Why Did This Happen and What Can We Do? – John Nichols, The Nation

VA Tech & the Vampire Media

Red State open Thread

A Blogger comments on “Instant News v Linear News.”

Shootings Echo Across Decades Without Gun Control Solutions By: ROGER SIMON

Hugh Hewitt: Words Fail Me

Like clockwork: NYTimes wants more gun control;
Like clockwork, Part II: Phelps creeps to protest at funerals

Who is “wanusmaximus?”

Ogre’sw Politics & Views does some thinking outloud…

DOJ Data on Multiple Shooters v Multiple Victims over Time

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Shooter Photos an Internet Hoax

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 17, 2007

I got bit by an Internet Hoax last night while combing through the Virginia Tech Blog Community looking for students blogging about their experiences yesterday.

Gateway Pundit has the story.

Makes me remember the old adage about having more than one source.

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WCU to Observe Moment of Silence

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 17, 2007

Western Carolina University will observe a Moment of Silence in front of the Bell Tower on Wednesday, April 18th, at 5.30 pm.
Anyone is welcome to attend the event, which is organized by the SGA and Student Affairs.

The event may be visible from this webcam.

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Blogging the Virginia Tech Shootings

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 16, 2007

Ive searched out blogs by Virginia tech students, and have found a few, and some accounts are in the following places, and some are comprehensive linkings to other sites:

Suspected Shooter’s Facebook page

Suspected Shooter’s Livejournal Page

Collegiate Times

The Paper Chase

Blacksburg Beacon

Tough Sledding


Virginia Tech Main page

Bugle 2007 Yearbook

MTV acknowledges Bloggers

Gateway Pundit

Drudge Report

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The Liberal Position on Virginia Tech

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 16, 2007

This just in…

The Democrats are advising that we pull all students out of Virginia Tech by a certain date, and that Bush, Cheney, and/or Halliburton had something to do with it.

But seriously, when you hear the phrase “Gun-Free Zone” think “Death Trap.”

And the only way they can be certain there are no weapons on any campus is to thoroughly search every last vehicle that enters and to throw up a perimeter that they are willing to patrol and enforce with deadly force.

More websites for info…

Northeast Intelligence Network

I am also doing more research…more later, perhaps a scoop.

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