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Democrats Camera Shy on Troop Funding Debate

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 25, 2007

Call me stupid, but I thought most Politicians would sell their grandma to get coverage on TV, especially if they think they have the majority on their side…
Oh! That’s it!!!
The Democrats know that the majority of Americans are opposed to their nefarious shenanigans, and would be incensed if they heard the mealy-mouthed politicians try to argue their case.
Here is a video about the controversy:

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The History Behind Political Correctness

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 25, 2007

Does anyone know the origins of Political Correctness? Who originally developed it and what was its purpose?

I looked it up. It was developed at the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, Germany, which was founded in 1923 and came to be known as the “Frankfurt School.” It was a group of thinkers who pulled together to find a solution to the biggest problem facing the implementers of communism in Russia.

The problem? Why wasn’t communism spreading?

Their answer? Because Western Civilization was in its way.

What was the problem with Western Civilization? Its belief in the individual, that an individual could develop valid ideas. At the root of communism was the theory that all valid ideas come from the effect of the social group of the masses. The individual is nothing.

And they believed that the only way for communism to advance was to help (or force, if necessary) Western Civilization to destroy itself. How to do that? Undermine its foundations by chipping away at the rights of those annoying individuals.

One way to do that? Change their speech and thought patterns by spreading the idea that vocalizing your beliefs is disrespectful to others and must be avoided to make up for past inequities and injustices.

And call it something that sounds positive: “Political Correctness.”

Inspired by the brand new communist technique, Mao, in the 1930s, wrote an article on the “correct” handling of contradictions among the people. “Sensitive training” – sound familiar? – and speech codes were born.

In 1935, after Hitler came to power, the Frankfurt School moved to New York City, where they continued their work by translating Marxism from economic to cultural terms using Sigmund Freud’s psychological conditioning mechanisms to get Americans to buy into Political Correctness. In 1941, they moved to California to spread their wings.

But Political Correctness remains just what it was intended to be: a sophisticated and dangerous form of censorship and oppression, imposed upon the citizenry with the ultimate goal of manipulating, brainwashing and destroying our society.


Hat Tip Survivablog

Just thought I’d put it out there so more people could go to the source article and save it for their own files.

And, totally unrelated, I found the following article on Gates of Vienna from Fjordmann with a different take:

A Christian Background for Political Correctness?

As a non-Christian, I have been complimenting Christianity for contributing immensely to many of the positive aspects of our culture. But precisely because Christianity has so profoundly shaped our culture, isn’t it plausible that it may also, at least indirectly, have contributed to some of the flaws that currently ail us as well?

According to the blogger Conservative Swede, whom I have debated this issue with at some length, Christian ethics is more unfettered in modern liberalism than it is in Christianity itself. The West, and Europe in particular, is sometimes labeled as “post-Christian,” but this is only partly true. We have scrapped the Christian religion, but we have still retained some of the moral restraints associated with it, which have been so mired into our cultural DNA that we probably don’t even think about them as Christian anymore. Yet our humanitarian ideas are secular versions of Christian compassion, and it is Christian or post-Christian compassion that compels us to keep feeding and funding the unsustainable birth rates in other cultures, even actively hostile ones. Likewise, there are elements of Christian thought, such as universalism, that could be seen as the inspiration behind our one-world Multiculturalists.
Now if that don’t get the Secular-Progressives upset, nothing will!

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Locals Take A Stand Against The ACLU

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 24, 2007

I received the following in an email, and decided the news was too good to pass up sharing this feel good story of local people taking a stand against meddling outsiders who want to change the way we live to suit them.

Hat Tip: Betty B.

Reinforcements: Stop the ACLU

BREVARD — Monday night there were as many as 1,200 people waiting outside the Transylvania County Courthouse according to the Transylvania Sheriffs department, prompting the Brevard City Police to close main street, as well as a standing room only crowd of 325 inside as the meeting according to the county Fire Marshall who was called in due to overcrowding in the courtroom, and asked several to leave the courtroom and stairway due to life safety issues, as hundreds of local residents wanted to hear what county commissioners had to say about prayer being offered at the start of official meetings.

Earlier this month representatives from the American Civil Liberty Union’s North Carolina office sent commissioners a letter stating they had received a complaint questioning the legality of public prayer at public meetings from a couple who moved to the area 3 weeks ago. The Nulls who filed the complaint are activist for homosexual rights, and have lobbied in other states to impose their liberal views on other communities according to numerous web sites that applaud their efforts. The Nulls attended the meeting, however did not apply to speak during the public comment period which was extended by the board, and were seen leaving out the back door of the court house shortly after the vote to expand the commissioners freedom to pray was taken, and declined comment to the media.

In January 2006 the commissioners adopted a policy of opening their meetings with an invocation which did not make any particular references to any specific religions, but Monday night the board unanimously made some changes to preserve their religious freedoms.

Monday night, several people spoke their minds in the over crowded courthouse.

Pastor Randy Barton of Anchor Baptist Church said to the commissioners during public comment time that the constitution of our state from the revolution to the civil war required that anyone holding public office were disqualified if they denied the being of God or the truth of the Protestant religion, or the divine authority either of the Old or New Testaments. Pastor Barton closed his remarks to the board by saying “We the people of Transylvania County pledge to defend you with our prayers, out votes and are finances if necessary,” “We urge you to pray according to your own conscience and not the threats of the Anti Christian Litigation Unit, also known as the ACLU.”

Pastor Allen Aiken of Rosman Baptist Tabernacle said“A lot of what’s at stake is in the name of Jesus Christ,” and added. “Don’t give in and don’t give up, because the cause is worthwhile.”

Several others voice similar sentiments, most receiving standing ovations from the crowd as well as from the commissioners.

After that discussion and several rounds of applause, the board unanimously made several policy changes to preserve their religious freedoms.

Whereas the previous policy did not allow for commissioners to reference any particular religion, the new policy allows the designated board member to give the invocation in his or her own capacity as a private citizen according to the dictates of their own conscience.

Commissioner Daryle Hogsed said.”Just in case it was lost in the legalese, we will be able to pray in the name of Jesus Christ if we chose to do so,” “That is a Constitutional right I will take advantage of.”

The policy further dictates that no guidelines will be issued regarding the prayer’s content, except that no prayer should advance or disparage any faith or non-religious views of others.

Commissioner David Guice said”We’ve had prayer for open meetings for years,”, “I think Christ had been at the center of these meetings and this is a step in the right direction. We can move forward and this is all very positive for our community.”

Chairman Jason Chappell agreed addressing the audience said
“This is not a perfect policy, but we do need a change,”. “These are interesting times we live in and it is an honor to server and represent you.”

Commissioner Lynn Bullock said “Some folks thought we had more important items to discuss tonight, but nothing is more important than this,”. “I’m not opposed to any religion or prayer and can’t understand why anyone would ask us not to pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By God’s grace, I will never deny my Lord and Savior.”

Commissioner Kelvin Phillips said the controversy which brought so many people to the meeting may have been a blessing in disguise. Phillips said. “Sometimes there is a light at the end of the tunnel, if we just trust the one who is in control of the tunnel,”

The commissioners went on to vote unanimously to adopt the new resolution and the crowd both inside and outside erupted with applause, and the meeting had to be temporarily recessed to accommodate the massive crowd.

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Widespread Panic in Georgia

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 24, 2007

ARCADE – Southern rock fans trekking to Athens to party with homegrown Widespread Panic prompted at least one police department to spread its net.

But police took just as many locals – if not more – to jail as out-of-town music fans.

Arcade police, with the help of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the state Department of Corrections, set up roadblocks in advance of a three-night Widespread Panic concert stand that started Monday in nearby Athens.

“We’re out here just assuring that we don’t have the same problems that some of the other venues have had,” Arcade police Chief Dennis Bell said.

Athens Banner-Herald

Hat Tip: Carl M.

Registration is required to view the full article, but it is worth it to see the video and Photos.

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Duke Lacrosse Scandal: Eight Lessons by Dennis Prager

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 24, 2007

Duke Lacrosse Scandal: Eight Lessons

By Dennis Prager

America’s news media, an amoral university, an opportunistic district attorney, and a police department that seems to have collaborated in framing innocent students all combined to nearly destroy the lives of three innocent young men — members of the Duke University lacrosse team.

The attorney general of North Carolina announced that all charges — of rape, sexual assault and whatever other charges a mendacious young woman got Mike Nifong to bring against the Duke lacrosse team players — were being dropped. He pronounced the students “innocent,” not merely “not guilty.” And the attorney general also declared Nifong a “rogue prosecutor.”

The lessons of this terrible story are obvious, but given the political correctness of our time and the inverted values that prevail among America’s elites — particularly the news media, the universities and the legal profession — these lessons will rarely be expressed, let alone learned.

First, the rape of a name is also a rape. A false accusation of rape can be as devastating to a man and his family as a real rape can be to a woman and her family. Sometimes a real rape is more destructive; sometimes the rape of a name is more destructive. It is therefore a grave injustice not to prosecute the woman who brought these false charges.

Second, moral Americans of every race must acknowledge that our society has a problem of anti-white prejudice in parts of the African American community. Proportionally, it seems that more blacks unfairly mistrust whites than whites unfairly mistrust blacks. Mike Nifong won his race for district attorney largely by appealing to this prejudice.

Real Clear Politics

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No Wonder Lefties Are Always Mad!

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 23, 2007

Sheryl “Stinky” Crow has mused the following in her blog:

Crow (4/19), Springfield, Tenn.: I have spent the better part of this tour trying to come up with easy ways for us all to become a part of the solution to global warming. Although my ideas are in the earliest stages of development, they are, in my mind, worth investigating. One of my favorites is in the area of forest conservation which we heavily rely on for oxygen. I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting. Now, I don’t want to rob any law-abiding American of his or her God-given rights, but I think we are an industrious enough people that we can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where 2 to 3 could be required.


Hat Tip: Drudge Report

This is totally absurd. How are you gonna enforce that little law? Not everybody makes rabbit pellets like you!

This is another prime example where the true objective of the Environmentalist Movement is the suppression, and oppression of the common people. What, pray tell, is more oppressive than having the government peaking in that stall to make sure you only use one or two squares?

Be very careful Ms Crow, you might find that some of us would take a page (or square) out of our friend the monkey’s play book, and fling poo at you at your next concert stop!


“The World’s Climatologist’s are agreed….Once the freeze starts, it will be too late.” Douglas Colligan, Science Digest 1975

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Democrats Wage War Against US Forces

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 22, 2007

Doug Ross has an excellent post about the insidious Informational Warfare they are engaging in against our soldiers in Iraq, and on the homefront.

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Hate Crime, or Enforcement of Sharia Law?

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 21, 2007

LEWISTON – One student has been suspended and more disciplinary action could follow a possible hate crime at Lewiston Middle School, Superintendent Leon Levesque said Wednesday.

On April 11, a white student placed a ham steak in a bag on a lunch table where Somali students were eating. Muslims consider pork unclean and offensive.

The act reminded students of a man who threw a pig’s head into a Lewiston mosque last summer.

The school incident is being treated seriously as “a hate incident,” Levesque said. Lewiston police are investigating, and the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence is working with the school to create a response plan.

“We’ve got some work to do to turn this around and bring the school community back together again,” Levesque said.

Placing ham where Muslim students were eating was “an awful thing,” said Stephen Wessler, executive director of the Center for Prevention of Hate Violence. “It’s extraordinarily hurtful and degrading” to Muslims, whose religion prohibits them from being around ham. It’s important to respond swiftly, Wessler said.

Dhinni Watch

The people of Lewiston, Maine should be careful they don’t end up looking like Dearborn, Michigan, with loudspeakers announcing the call to prayer five times a day.

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I’ve Been Thinking

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 20, 2007

About where things are headed

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Posted by Thunder Pig on April 20, 2007

Guest Commentary

I would like to thank the liberal institutions of this world and their self-deluded efforts to bring cultural tolerance (multiculturalism) to the fore to promote greater understanding of Islam. The result of their identifying with cultural differences between the West and Islam will ultimately lead to the death of
Islam. For that, I thank them. Allow me to elaborate.

With so many projects approached by the socialist/communist left in this world, the result is often the opposite of their desire. Their current push to bring about a blending of didactically opposed cultures (Islam equals the state/the West has a separation of religion and state) will actually prove again why intellectual pursuits should be left to the realm of theory, for we often learn in the real world experiment that we do not achieve that which is sought.

The liberals pushed for great social change and an end to poverty with the Great Society and ended up instead with babies having babies. Now the vast majority of children born in this nation have no father to speak of, and the mothers are so young as to never break the cycle in which they were born. In fact, new impoverished families are created daily due to the immoral, but culturally tolerant views, of the liberal establishment. This extends into many other facets of our lives.

In regards to world events and specifically the global war on terror let me state that it is my fervent desire we end the war in a manner which allows the civilian (trapped) population of Islamic lands to be set free in democratic societies, with rights to choose many things: to speak, to gather, to publish, to choose beliefs, to think, to be free of fear, to love their neighbors, to progress, to achieve, to be culturally and religiously tolerant, to love and be loved without regard for who they are or what they desire in life so long as it does not infringe on others’ rights. Your rights end where mine begin. And nobody is hanged or has their throat slit for possessing different ideas. Simple enough.

Here is where the left is leading to the destruction of Islam and I can’t say they aren’t admirable for doing so.

Liberals want us to be culturally tolerant, to identify with, adapt, adopt and otherwise become knowledgeable of Islam, of Muslims, of their beliefs and make accommodations for their system of beliefs within our everyday society. This will require a substantial change in attitude on the part of conservatives, Christians, Jews and others who are not familiar with the core morality of Islam. Not the surface preaching of peace and the wearing of a hijab or burka. Those are
surface characteristics. It is like saying you understand Italian culture and morality by eating pizza or dancing the Tarantella at a street festival. You tolerate men wearing skirts because you went to a Greek restaurant and they wore traditional garments. These events bring you no closer to understanding or identifying with the underlying passion and morality of either Italy nor Greece, nor their history, traditions nor their mindset.

But because the vast majority of both cultures have a common bond with ours, with America, they are basically Christian, with either Catholic or Byzantine basis for their belief systems, they are actually fairly easily absorbed into the multicultural cloth of America. Hindus, Buddhists, Shinto, Bahá’í and other Eastern cultures also mesh well because their basic belief structures contain articles which are either very similar to Western Judeo-Christian beliefs or
are the same. Sikhs, for example, wish to harm no one, no living creature. We were made more aware of this by hosting a foreign exchange student who was a strict vegetarian and approached the world from a vegan standpoint. In his society, not only is it not unusual, it is typical, respected, admired perhaps by Westerners, but within their culture, their moral structure, it is normal and unnoticed.

The point liberals miss is that they have created moral equivalence to the detriment of all societies. Not just our own. To be culturally aware, identity and tolerate another is not the same as adopting the morality of a group, a nation or a religion. But the liberal left has made this error and now will enjoy the benefits they created. In fact, I believe in future, they will become more like that which they claim to despise out of sheer necessity – survival. And they will have created the moral basis for their new found beliefs. Ones that bring them closer to acting like the Gestapo of Hitler’s regime. Here is the logic behind the argument:

Christians and others with strong spiritual temperament in the U.S., apart from Muslims, have a basic moral code which precludes non-
surgical strikes against others in warfare. Our national fabric does not support the wholesale slaughter of civilians, children, use of human shields, or winning at all costs, when the costs are weighed in human life. Most hold life to be sacred, therefore the very act of warfare grates on the belief system. To the extent we are allowed to defend ourselves and our vital interests we do pursue the enemy, but in a limited manner which will not sacrifice our core beings.

Atheists have no such moral constraints. We witness this in their support for many immoral ideas. The most recent ban on partial birth abortion was not met with joy from both sides, those who choose life and those who desire choice. It should have been a very clear cut moral decision for the liberal left to say, on this we agree. While we wish to guarantee a woman’s right to choose, there are limits we will not transgress. The one major acknowledgement we make is that if the child is in the process of birthing, we will not continue to abort, but will make the moral judgment that the lives have become equivalent at that point, and further action would be tantamount to murder. But they didn’t say this. They screamed how awful it was we would not allow the murder of a child being born. Even if you accept their moral argument that a child does not have a soul until birth (or at all to some of them), it would seem that even they have to admit that the line has been crossed. But they won’t. They have the same view of Islam and its moral code.

In Islam, the land of peace is referred to as dar-al-Islam, the land of submission actually. The land of war is dar-al-Haarb, or everywhere else. In the land of war it is perfectly acceptable and expected that every Muslim convert or kill every non-believer, and use whatever means necessary to achieve their goal of creating a one world government under the rule of Sharia law in Islam. I refuse to judge the rightness or wrongness of this belief. It is simply a facet of Islam. You can choose to accept it exists or not, but it is true and factual and correct. It no longer creates fear in many because we have come to understand what it truly means.

The liberal left wants us to allow Islam to infect our society with its rules, laws and accommodations so Islam itself is not insulted. The penalty for insulting Islam within Islamic land is death. Most penalties for anything countering Islam are death penalties. This conveniently abrogates any person from becoming an apostate, or leaving the belief system. This will be a hard pill for the liberals
to swallow, and indeed they will not. They will not have to do so. They will alter themselves in the mold of Islam, to the detriment of Islam.

We have all been worrying about what effect Islam will have on the U.S. and Western culture in general when we should not. We witness the ridiculous antics of liberals trying to appease these invaders who think nothing of blowing themselves up, who love the idea of martyrdom to spread their gospel, who each children that suicide and murder are not only acceptable, but a method by which to get closer to God. I have no problem with the liberals inviting Islam into our
midst and learning from it now.

Liberals will delve beyond the surface features and after they witness the true nature of the moral structure (or truly immoral) of Islam they will try to identify with it and fail. They will necessarily attempt to communicate with the beast and will fail. They will note its most violent features and using their concept of moral
equivalence, where blowing up children or civilians is acceptable, they will adopt those features. Since their moral grounding is questionable at best, liberals will state that they can identify with the desires of Islam and even the methods by which it attempts to achieve the desires.

Liberals will become more like that which they claim to revile. They will live in and among Muslims learning from them. Eventually, the Muslims will seek their conversion. Liberals will reject Islam. It is at this point of tolerance, understanding and appeasement that liberals will change. They will note that they have done everything reasonable and even irrational to keep from insulting Islam, short of adopting it as their own belief system. But it will be too late. The liberals will also realize that they have become so desensitized to the violence, hatred and the death cult that they will actually parallel their brothers in belief. When America is the subject of bombings as in Baghdad, liberals will bristle, they will examine themselves and when they finally find no fault, they will attach it to Islam. Why are you trying to kill us? They will ask. And Islam will answer because we must do so. Liberals will feel fully justified adopting the same belief. After all, liberals preach that if its okay for the goose, it is okay for the gander. They preach that all should be allowed to do whatever they feel they must in their heart.

It will be the Judeo-Christian foundation of the nation that does not identify nor accept Islam in any way, but will be so swayed by liberals as to also change. Laws will be written as now to make it a hate crime to insult Islam. The vast majority of this nation could shift radically towards a brand of Fascism which mirrors Islamic Fascism today. They will have taught us very well how to act in order to survive. Americans may well be accepting of the idea that civilian deaths are allowable. That children can and should be indoctrinated and used as human shields, that annihilation of entire cities using weapons of mass destruction is also acceptable.

Islam may have shot itself in the foot in its current wailings about religious intolerance. Once the West adopts the same moral views as those contained within Islam for its unabashed growth, the West will no longer feel compelled to constrain itself either. When the ultimate threat to our sovereignty occurs as the mullahs insist on taking over the government a backlash will also occur against Islam. Most likely lead by the very liberals who sought cultural identification and tolerance, they will begin preaching to Islam the same values, but now with a different moral code. With a code that more closely aligns with Islamic tradition and culture and morality. A culture of death, of destruction and a morality which allows unrestrained warfare.

The code which states we will turn your cities into molten glass and not blink an eye. We will sacrifice your children, your future and even part of ourselves to destroy you and your intrusion. And Islam, being the weaker of the two parties, will be destroyed, figuratively and literally. At that point, if oil is our only objective, then we will by the Islamic moral code, secure it and commit genocide against those who stand in our way. This, unlike what we are being told by the liberal media, is not what is happening now, nor has it been the America hegemonic invasive method. We have stayed true to our current morality and not committed genocide although the task would be fairly simple. Even without nuclear arms we could wipe many of the cities and their entire populations off the globe with little fear of reprisal. But we don’t. We don’t have their moral attitude towards life. Yet. But the liberals are working towards that day, God bless them.

We will continue down this road in Iraq and Afghanistan for the time being, until Congress pulls the plug or we lose interest or we win. But it will not change the worldwide infection occurring with the push of Islamic values on the West. Their religion also states that it is unacceptable for a Muslim to attach another Muslim, but we see the results of such unrestrained immorality towards us, continuing
unabated within Islam itself. After the death of their prophet and the internal schism, Shiites and Sunnis have been battling each other for as long as they’ve battled the outside world. This will not end nor change.

The only difference in future will be whether the United States allows enough spread of Islamic culture to open the eyes of our citizens. Not to the surface but to the substrata. We are witnessing the end of Western Europe. As Britain declares no further teaching of the holocaust to students in school, Islam has claimed a small victory. It does not believe in the holocaust as a historic event.
For the Jews anyway. Islam has blinded itself to the possibilities and they are clear – once you decide to deny the truth within man, within history, within God, within the soul, within spirit, within faith, within nations, within culture, within beauty and life itself, you doom yourself and your kind.

When rigid inflexibility and death become the centerpiece of your belief system as they have with Islam, they parallel Nazism, Fascism, and it is undeniable. It is only a matter of time before the liberals turn into that which they despise. It was the very liberal Germans who became the most willing thralls of Hitler. The intelligent Germans who saw the need for economic parity, for justification of
immorality. The conservative Germans, like many pastors, were sent to the gas chambers with the Jews. The traditionalist Germans resisted, as Christians in America resist today. It was the liberals who were lead easily down the path of destruction. Because they were monumental thinkers they could see a good deal of what Hitler said was right.

The liberals here will adopt Fascist positions, they will become intolerant on that day of forced conversion, and the true danger to life and the world will once again rise to epic proportions. We will witness the death of Islam and possibly many Muslims and others. The world war that has been waged thus far has been on the surface. It has not touched the world outside. It will.

And when that day comes, Christians will be motivated not to turn the other cheek. Nor will other Americans, nor South Americans, nor Europeans, nor Africans, nor Asian non-believers, and the final battle will be joined. The very means Islam hopes to use against the West and its neighbors, our ability to absorb, to tolerate, to blend, to associate, to find common ground, and even accommodate will not be our own undoing, but will backfire against the aggressor. Islam has signed its death warrant and rightfully so. Given its history, its actions, its continuous forced submission and genocide, the time is
fast approaching when it reaches its end. It will not be glorious nor beautiful to God, but a lamentation such as the world has never seen.

I do not fear it. I do not welcome it. I do not enjoy the idea. I only feel pity, for I have logically deduced the future from studying the past. I hold out no hope for reform, for a belief system so ingrained with a desire for death can only lead to death. The world will be afire, but in the end the noble faiths will endure. The core morality will be restored. And God will once again find way into the hearts of those who deny faith, loving faith, for their whole lives, should they survive the coming holocausts.

God bless America, but more importantly, God bless the American spirit. For it is the combination of faith, morality, and common cultural truth which gives us the strength to live together in freedom, accept each other, love each other and succeed in spite of any surface difference. Content of character will win in the end. The American experiment will continue. And will spread throughout the world because American and Americans are the world. We have come together. And we will come together again.

Authority is granted to reproduce this article at will provided the
notice is given that the contents are copyright 2007 WNCCB2.

{Editorial Note: The author of this piece is being stalked online and has requested that I remove their name from this post. I have done so.

Note to the stalker…Stalk Me, and see what you get.]

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