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Democrats Camera Shy on Troop Funding Debate

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 25, 2007

Call me stupid, but I thought most Politicians would sell their grandma to get coverage on TV, especially if they think they have the majority on their side…
Oh! That’s it!!!
The Democrats know that the majority of Americans are opposed to their nefarious shenanigans, and would be incensed if they heard the mealy-mouthed politicians try to argue their case.
Here is a video about the controversy:

2 Responses to “Democrats Camera Shy on Troop Funding Debate”

  1. Screwy Hoolie said

    The majority of Americans think the Democrats are right and that the President is wrong.


  2. Thunder Pig said

    If you believe the polls that are weighted in favor of Democrat respondents. I read the small print, and watch the particulars.

    I’m just hoping the Democrats keep campaigning for the GOP all the way through election day 2008.

    A lot of the people unhappy with the Battle of Iraq are unhappy with the lack of action, not wanting a pullout, they wish more engagement, and a widening of the war to include the centers of the various brands of Islamism. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and in Africa, of course!
    Remember, the tempo and character of warfare has evolved into using 4GW and 5GW methods. Private Actors are now engaged in fighting this war on both sides. Some of my buddies from the old days tell me that forward-looking companies and other entities are engaged in some serious “off the books” efforts in these nations. Who knows? That may be part of a plausible deniability effort.
    I look forward to seeing you at the NC-11 Convention, should they decide to credential me…

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