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Duke Lacrosse Victory–Complete Innocence!

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 12, 2007

I’ve blogged little about this typical Railroading of innocent men by North Carolina Prosecutors because others have handled it so well, all I could do was read, and link every once in a while.

The video:

Hat Tip: The Johnsville News

Others to read:

John in Carolina

Lie Stoppers

The Johnsville News (Everything is here—everything.)

These bloggers have covered the Rape Hoax far and above the efforts of the Legacy Media, whether in print, TV, or radio.


I would say that the tax payers of North Carolina owe these young men and their families every dime of their legal fees times seven, or somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 30 million dollars.

I’d also say that D.A. Mike Nifong should be charged for this heinous miscarriage of justice.

Cryatel Gail Mangum should be charged for starting this whole thing.

And these people should issue a public apology, and face civil liability:

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Malik Shabazz [The New Black Panthers], and The Duke 88 Faculty. Will they? Not very likely.

Now, just think about the young men in North Carolina who are sent to prison every year because they don’t have the resources to fight back, and only have ‘plead and leave’ public defenders. I would like to see bloggers in every courtroom in North Carolina to monitor these prosecutors, and keep them in line because the ‘good ol’ boy’ network of reporters never will.

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