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Elizabeth Edwards–Just Another Intolerant Lefty?

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 11, 2007

CHAPEL HILL – Monty Johnson was heading home Monday with a cooler full of catfish when he learned his new neighbor had turned him into a minor celebrity.

The first calls on his cell phone came from two lawyers asking to represent him in a slander case. Elizabeth Edwards, they told him, had called him a “rabid, rabid Republican.” That wasn’t all. The Democratic presidential candidate’s wife also told The Associated Press she didn’t want her children near Johnson because, she said, he once pulled a gun on workers investigating a right of way on his property.

Johnson, a 55-year-old retired landscaper with arthritic knees, said he’s not interested in suing.

“I’d just like to know why she has such hard feelings to me,” he said. “They say they’re for poor people.”

But apparently, you’re nobody until Elizabeth Edwards dislikes you.

Raleigh News & Observer


Heaven forbid someone tries to protect their private property with a firearm!

I would just love to have Elizabeth Edwards in a place of business with me the next time I have to draw a weapon to stop a robbery [Odds are, it’ll only be a matter of time], then we’ll see how she feels! The only piece of advice I have for the Edwards’ neighbor is to upgrade from a 9mm to a real weapon…a .45 caliber.

The article goes on to reveal that Mrs. Edwards called her neighbors’ property ‘slummy’. I guess that means she is a Lefty Property Zoning Freak. Show me a Republican that is for properrty zoning, and I will show you a RINO.

Again with the lack of respect for private property rights from the left. A man can’t defend his property, and then they want to tell him what he can or can’t do with his property! Maybe she would like a ‘public park’ to be located in that spot.

They Edwards’ also parked on his property when looking to buy the property, again with disrespect for other people.
I always, always, ask before I step on someone else’s property, let alone park on it. I spend a lot of time at work running hikers and 4-wheeler operators off the subdivision I am helping to build, and these morons think they have the right to tear up private property just because “it isn’t being used for anything.” Then get upset when I tell them that a subdivision is being built because they won’t be able to enjoy the woods. I always make sure to tell them that it was never theirs to enjoy to begin with.

Monty Johnson has put his 42-acres on the market for $1.6 million.

You know, if I had the money, that would be a perfect spot for a shooting range and a destination for massive paintball games.

Anyone want to start raising money?

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