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The Conservative Constitutionalist

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 9, 2007

Check out this blog I just found called The Conservative Constitutionalist.

There may come a time soon when real Conservatives will have to decamp from the GOP if it continues the way it is going, and a party like this may be an option worth considering.

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Modern Leftism: No There, There

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 9, 2007

Al Fin says:

A generous commenter might say that the modern left is living off its seed
corn. But the sad truth is that the seed corn was eaten over a decade ago.

I think the cracks are becoming obvious to all, and very soon it will be evident to even lefties [the ones who are genuine thinkers, not the believers] that the Democratic Party has been, and is being hijacked.


Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming exposed as a Lie
Revolutionary Defeatism [
One] [Two]

Undermining the Executive Branch [Pelosi] [Hoyer]

I believe the Democratics [OK, just the moonbats] are actually hoping we lose in Iraq, and are praying for terrorism to follow a retreat to America, this next link is for the minority of thinking Democratics.

Warfare has undergone a shift from what we easily recognize as warfare. In fact, according to how I understand it, I am engaged in warfare just by typing these words. Warfare has moved from the conventional battlefield, and has moved into our living rooms, our blogs, our schools, and even into each individuals mind. Many people have been fooled into thinking they are supporting, or fighting for what is just by a [relatively] new type of warfare.

My understanding of war has always been shaped by Frank Herbert’s Saga of Dune that spanned many thousands of years, with the primary Battlespace always being in the mind, and altering perception of events. If you haven’t read the books, you won’t understand what I’m babbling on about in this post.

You can gain a better perspective by reading a blog post entitled:

Go Deep (OODA and the Rainbow of Generational Warfare), which is perhaps the best place to begin, and follow the copious links in the articles and comments that were posted soon after the article was posted.

Only after you read that, read Dreaming 5GW.
The people who contribute to the ongoing conversation are worth learning from in an attempt to learn more about what is going on around us. A lot of this stuff blows my mind, and I am understanding a little better, but I still fall off the surfboard more than I’d like.

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