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The Latest Iranian Kidnappings

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 6, 2007

Would we have responded any better than the Brits to the latest in a long line of morally reprehensible behavior by the Iranians, and their co-religionist ancestors?

I really don’t know, and suspect we would respond in the same manner. I am also afraid our ‘secret war’ inside Iran is too little too late, but I can rest assured knowing that at least the SAS boys will now be exacting some amount of payback.

I have had long experience in dealing with thugs, and the only language they understand is that of power wielded far above their own capacity to respond. I am growing weary of western governments who apparently are unwilling to respond appropriately to these situations.

Our leaders are only aware of short-term solutions, pushing back the day of reckoning beyong their current term, not thinking about the proper way to get in the harness, and do the necessary work that Churchill and Roosevelt committed to, and Truman finished.

The Lightning Baron addresses the situation more eloquently than I, and has the added bonus of being in the Watchtower some us have gathered alongside.
[Inside joke for BSG Fans. I never heard the song until Crossroads, Pt 2, and wouldn’t recognize the singer if he was standing beside me.]

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More Local Podcasting–Universal Healthcare Debated

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 6, 2007

Here are two more podcasts for you to listen to, this time on Universal Healthcare.

The Asheville Citizen-Times has a Letter to the Editor from Vivian Langohr entitled, “U.S. could learn more about health care from Canada.”

Tim Peck, a local blogger who is running for City Council, has posted a response entitled “Canadian Healthcare.”

I like his response, short, sweet, and to the point.

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No Apologies Radio is a Podcast, For now.

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 6, 2007

Brandon Randolph has returned with a tentative weekly schedule for podcasting, so why don’t you check it out, and give him a warm welcome.

No Apologies Radio

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Shuler Reception in Macon County Part One

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 6, 2007

I went to the Reception held for Congressman Heath Shuler tonight at The Iotla Airport in Macon County, and took many pictures, and two videos, one of Heath’s Opening remarks, and another of a plane taking off into the sunset. The videos and larger pictures will have to wait until I find a fast connect to the internet this weekend, or Monday morning, I’ll stop by WCU and upload them.


Congressman Heath Shuler listens to a constituent.

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