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Posted by Thunder Pig on April 5, 2007

Guest Commentary

The news about three Yale students burning an American flag does not
seem to have most people excited or angry. In fact, when interviewing
another student, he could only call the actions of the three students
suspect, because they didn’t seem to have a political purpose
attached to their heinous action.

Let’s clear up a few points for the flag burners of America.

Left wing liberals and others take note: We have a right to protect
our homes from you and can use whatever force necessary to stop you
from committing arson on our property and endangering our lives.

Why can we do this? Simple.
1. The three students trespassed on private property to get to the
2. It was not their flag. It was owned by a private homeowner.
3. The arson act could have destroyed the home and the other row
homes attached to it.
4. They endangered every living being inside the dwellings, who may
have been caught unaware, unable to move quickly enough, been a pet,
or a young child/baby.

They could be facing mass murder charges if the burning had continued

This arson was a personal, physical attack on someone’s home. Forget
that they lit the flag on fire. It could have been lawn furniture
for all that matters. The luck that had two policemen view the
burning is probably what saved the house and perhaps the whole
neighborhood from going up in flames.

Activists should be aware that these illegal activities have nothing
to do with free speech.

Those students arrested could have been on the grounds of the college
campus or other public venue. They were not. They could have used
their own flag. They did not. They did not have to risk the home,
lives, property, pets and other items in the home or adjoining homes
to make their statement. And they certainly did risk lives and
property through their actions. They should be locked up for their
anti-social behavior. They crossed the line.

The case should be clear and the ACLU and other groups like should shun these students. The students do nothing to
preserve free speech when they attack privately owned flags on
private property for no other purpose than to show they can.

This case is about assault on a private citizen. It is no different
than if these thugs arrived at your home and set your car on fire in
the driveway, or your pet, or shrubs, and threw a lit Molotov
cocktail through your windows to set your house on fire. Don’t let
the media confuse this issue this time. The fact a flag was involved
somehow makes their actions less deadly in some peoples’ views. Those
people are idiots and deserve to have the same thing done to their
homes while they are away. Then they can speak to us about rights and
freedom and free speech! Let’s see how they feel when some lunatic
burns their homes to the ground!

The press should be very aware of these differences and be very clear
about them. They should think deeply about how they would feel if
they came home and found their every possession burned to cinders and
their family dead from such arsonous acts.

NOBODY has the right to burn you out of your home or burn your
possessions. I don’t care what point they were making. They are
criminals. Treat them as such and teach activists there is a line
they cannot cross.

If the police are not present to act in such circumstances it is up
to the private homeowner to stop the act if caught in progress, to
protect their own lives. If the “students” attempting to burn your
home do not stop on command then use whatever force necessary to stop
them. It’s your life. You have a right to protect yourselves from
such deadly attacks as if they were holding a gun to your head.

-Richard Rivette
Authority is granted to reproduce this article at will provided the
notice is given that the contents are copyright 2007 Richard Rivette.

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Blogs for Borders Video Bogburst 04-03-007

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 5, 2007

The Freedom Folks have another blogburst up, so enjoy, and link over!

See their post.

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ABC NEWS Says Surge Working

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 5, 2007

I guess the Retreat, Pork, and Raise Taxes Democrats were too late in their effort to kill millions of Iraqis and other Freedom Loving Middle Easterners.
At first, I was upset that Congress took one of their many vacations [this one two weeks long], but hey, when Congress is not in session, they can’t screw us over with new legislation.
One of the Big Seven, ABC NEWS, has finally reported what the blogosphere has known for many weeks: The Surge is Working!

Hat Tip: Wizbang

Note to Nancy Pelosi and others in the Legislative Branch:

Foreign Policy is a Prerogative of the Executive Branch, and Please Read The Logan Act.

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