Thunderpig’s Mirror

Where can I get one of these shirts?

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 3, 2007

Now, this is funny! Guaranteed to drive Gun Grabbing Commies wild, and manages to hit another target or two at the same time!

One Response to “Where can I get one of these shirts?”

  1. syntax said

    For the record – I like guns. I also like cars and electricity. All three can be dangerous in the wrong hands, and people should be properly trained and licensed before working with any of those things.

    Maybe someday we could fire off a few rounds @ a police range or something. 🙂 That’d be a cross-blog hoot.

    (I don’t watch The View, so I’m not entirely sure what ya’ll have against Rosie O’Donnell, other than the fact that she’s openly gay and maybe a tad boisterous in her liberalism. I just don’t think she has teh funny…)

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