Thunderpig’s Mirror

Borrowed Time

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 2, 2007

America, and Western Civilization, are Living on Borrowed Time.

We must begin to stop the Tide of Destruction that is making a mockery of our Constitution.

American Citizens must begin to take back what our Government is giving away.

We must overwhelm our elected officials with our complaints, and make them understand that the Second Amendment is the Reset Button on our Constitution, and we are very close to having to resort to that option to protect Private Property Rights, our Rights as Citizens, and the new taxes being levied on us with out representation.

I have spoken with people who are revealing to me how bad the problem is, and I am preparing to take steps to change the entire dynamic on Public Discourse.

I am also committing to raise up ten locally like me, who may not agree on every issue of philosophy, but agree that our Constitutional Republic is slipping through our fingers, and those peoiple will be charged with raising ten each after a time.

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