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Bias Anyone?

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 29, 2007

FED Agency that Tracked PORK Spending During GOP Reign, Has Discontinued the Practice Since Democrats Took Power.

Now, isn’t that CONVENIENT?

Hendersonville Post

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NRCC Launches New Website

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 29, 2007

Today, a new website was launched that will focus on 11 freshman Democrats. One of them is Heath Shuler. From the website:

Shuler voted for the Pelosi-Murtha “slow bleed” scheme to choke-off funding for American troops in harm’s way. (House Roll Call 186)

By voting yes, Shuler voted for a date-certain for retreat and defeat in Iraq and voted to hamstring the mission by allowing Congress to micromanage the war.

Ignoring widespread criticism from the American Legion and major news publications from across the country, he made it clear that he believes politicians in Washington can better execute the military’s mission than the commanders on the ground.

The bill he supported had been labeled “something of a trick” and an “unruly mess: bad policy, bad precedent, and bad politics” by news publications typically allied with the House Democrat agenda.

Dang, the NRCC stole a march on me, as I have been working on a similar website devoted to just Heath. Now, I’ll have to scrap that whole thing.
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Ahem, I forgot to link to the website.

Main Page

Heath’s Page

It’s a good thing I sent it out on my newsletter list, or I would have had a hard time finding it again. Google certainly wasn’t cooperative.

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