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NC-11 Legislative Update: Clean Water Bills

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 14, 2007

Our new Congresscritter has a new post on his AC-T Blog. [Link]

This time he is touting legislation he helped pass in regards to clean water, which I have not read, and hope it doesn’t end up like the NC Clean Water Act.

For more info on the three bills passed:

HR 700

HR 720

HR 569

As a little side note, I have been tracking his votes in congress, and so far, he does not look like a conservative democrat. He has voted with the Republicans against the Democrats only one time. I will post a more in depth study later this month, as I am juggling twelve things right now.

Anyway, I have lifted a portion of his post below:

Last week was an important week for our local communities here in the House. We passed several pieces of legislation that are of critical importance to our water infrastructure needs. While the bills may not have been the most glamorous of items, they will have a tremendous impact on our local communities.

The three Clean Water Bills that passed were HR 700, the Healthy Communities Water Supply Act; HR 720, the Water Quality Financing Act; and HR 569, the Water Quality Investment Act. The three bills together take critical steps to help guarantee clean water for all American families.

Here’s a brief description of each bill…[Link]

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Al Gore and Maurice Strong

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 14, 2007

Who is Maurice Strong, and what does he have to do with Al Gore?

I have heard about Maurice Strong for years, the stories usually have him cast in the role of “International Man of Mystery,” responsible for many things, yet not a first-tier name with the public like many of his associates.

A little history:

1997 Henry Lamb article.

2000 Kyoto Protocol article

Apparently, Gore and Strong created the Carbon Credit.

The latest news on Maurice Strong is that he is in China, working for George Soros in an attempt to get the Chinese automobile, the Chery (sp?) ready for export to the United States in a scheme to further weaken US Automakers.

Mr. Strong is also the current President of UPEACE, part of the United Nations University system.

Where is Al Gore now?

I don’t know, but a recent NY Times article telling Gore to Cool the Hype.may give some clues about where he is headed. Personally, I think the NY Times article is a hit piece from the Clinton Machine, designed to keep him out of the ‘008 Presidential Race.

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