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Florida Newspaper Goes After Blogger

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 9, 2007

A Big hat Tip to Instapundit, who led me to this story in Florida, where the money quote is:

I’ve been reading the Record for a decade. I can’t recall a single time where it conducted an effort to catch a rapist, robber or murderer anywhere near the scope of this manhunt for a blogger.

From the St Augustine Record Message board:

They ask the community to do their investigating for them?!
I double dog dare them to find an investigative reporter on staff and cut them loose to find this mystery man.
And what will they do with him if they find him?
He has a right to his opinion doesn’t he?

This town needs a “real” newspaper.

Here are the movies the St Augustine Record is hoping will help then egt their man.


Mr. Padgett, (if that is your real name) I hope you realize your mistake in giving money to people supporting the local power structure. Next time, get together a few friends, form an Action Group, decide on courses of action, and delegate responsibilities.

File with local officials a permit to protest in a public area, and make up plenty of fliers to distribute to the public. Never give up, Never give in!

I wish you health, stamina, cunning, and an abundance of allies in your efforts, perhaps you should consider purchasing this guide to assist you in your efforts. It is a good beginner’s manual. For more stuff in this area, Paladin Press is a good source.

At least you wore a ball cap in the newspaper office.

Good Hunting.

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