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Gore Funding Plan For "A New World Order"

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 5, 2007

If your employer began paying you 80 cents on the dollar, but, not to worry, the other 20 cents was going to support “good causes”, thereby giving you value instead of capital, would you be pleased?

If not, you won’t like what Al Gore has been quietly planning along with his Global Warming initiative. He and others are working to achieve that very thing and to bring it about in a manner which doesn’t give you a vote in which values your dollars end up supporting.

Gore is quietly funding an assault on Capitalism as we know it, one that begins but doesn’t end with Global Warming. That’s only the model for what’s coming next.

Sans news conferences and Oscar nods, it’s a well-funded, grand design to re-shape, not just America, but the global economy in such a manner so as to inculcate Liberal values into the world’s system of finance.

Defeated at the ballot box, it seems Gore has figured out that if he can follow, or perhaps even lead the money, he and other liberals can bring about the social and economic change they want, whether the middle class likes it, or not.

Gone unnoticed in the recent controversy over Gore’s Generation Investment Management LLP (GIM) is this blurb below from the European partnership’s web site:

Dedicated to thought leadership on sustainability and capital markets –5% of our profitability is allocated to the Generation Foundation

The Generation Foundation is not your typical foundation involved in giving money to what it views as deserving causes. And the ramifications of its work should be of genuine concern for fiscal and social conservatives, civil libertarians and anyone who supports the free market system and the economics, or laisser-faire capitalism of Milton Friedman.

By their own admission, Gore and his well-heeled, high-minded brand of liberal thinkers believe Capitalism is either dead, or deserves to be. Here’s the first quick look at a now Gore supported and funded, self-proclaimed New World Order as ruminated upon back in 2002.

Above all, the man is wondering whether Americans need to pause for a moment, now that the millennium has turned and the market has crashed and corporate ethics seem like the quaint idea of a bygone era. And then, after this pause, the man wonders if we need to think long and hard about what we want and how money — and, in particular, value — figures into the arc of our lives.

He has come up with an idea that admittedly might not solve any of our financial and social ills, but that he hopes might solve quite a few of them.

The man’s name is Jed Emerson. And his idea is called the “blended value” proposition.

Riehl World View


From all that is happening on the Al Gore front, my Algore documentary refuting “an inconvenient truth”is becoming less relevant every day. I missed an opportunity by not quitting my job to push the schedule and get it out the door before summer. I just did not anticipate the speed of his exposure as a fraud by other people.

Now the goal is to get this news out to as many people as possible, and to connect him, and the enviro movement, to the bad idea of socialism in the public mind. These people failed to control our lives through political means, and they are trying to slip their agenda through the backdoor. We cannot allowthat to happen.

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