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Al Gore, Prophet of Doom

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 26, 2007

I began my daily routine at 2 am with a quick check of the news and saw that “an inconvenient truth” has won an Oscar for best documentary. In a world where Jimmy Carter and Yasir Arafat can share a Nobel Prize for Peace, it is expected…even though the film has been proven false in it’s premise, it was a masterpiece of propaganda film making, like the Nazi Masterpiece, “Will.”

If Al Gore is so sure of his hypothesis, why does he not face Bjorn Lomborg in debate? Why will he not even give an interview to reporters who have reported favorably on Lomberg’s book, “The Skeptical Environmentalist?”

I’ll tell you why. Because Al Gore knows it is a lie that humans are a significant contributor to Global Warming. The Solar Cycle, and Volcanic Emissions dwarf human emissions.

Gore, and his sycophants, keep bringing up Scientific Consensus as one of their arguments. My first path was in science, and their is no consensus in science, only in Marxist “Politically Correct” Theology. What scientists are supposed to rely on is the Scientific Method, which relies on observation and measurable, repeatable results.

As a personal protest against Al Gore, and his sycophants, I have been increasing my “Carbon Footprint” where ever possible, and I would like for you to join me.
Just do the opposite of what is suggested by that crowd. Leave your lights on. Take a driving vacation this year, and tour the countryside. Go to Cades Cove, Drive through your nearest National Park and camp out. Burn firewood, or if that isn’t allowed, use Propane Stoves.

Or, if really want to stick it to them, just keep doing what you are doing… in their mind, that is still a criminal act because you are living in the most successful Capitalist Nation the world has ever seen, and even though we are less than 5 percent of the world’s population, we generate most of it’s wealth, and freely share it with others.

We have defeated Socialism, and they hate us for it, and we should rub it in their noses every chance we get. So go out, live your life, and ignore these nuts. Or do what I do, just laugh at them and point them to people who have already proven them wrong. Their heads will explode!!!

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