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Video Links: Stop The Harm Flashlight Vigil

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 23, 2007

The Videos of the “Stop The Harm” Flashlight Vigil have been uploaded to You Tube and are ready to be watched.
I have more information, and will post the written report as I have time.

I have embedded the first video to give you a flavor of the event.

Part 1–Introduction & Welcome

Part 2–Presentation by a Father and Son

Part 3–Opening Prayer & Fighting Back With Song

Part 4–Flashlight Ceremony & Presentation by Miss Amy

Part 5–“Stop The Harm” Chant & Closing Prayer [Link works now…TP]

Part 6–Councilman Dr. Mumpower Answers a Question

3 Responses to “Video Links: Stop The Harm Flashlight Vigil”

  1. jakejacobsen said

    Hey Chief,

    We have begun a video blogburst in the Blogs For Borders Blogroll.

    You can see what we’re doing here…

    And here…

    This will be a weekly event and the videos are released on Tuesday for posting and trackback.

    If you’d like to be a part of the burst shoot me an email so I can add you to the ever growing email list.

    Thanks and all the best,

  2. Thunder Pig said

    Any video I post is available to you. You can use KeeVid to swipe it from You Tube.
    I tried to sign up last weekend, but there was a problem with Joomla, if I’m thinking of the right attempt.
    I’ll try again.

  3. Thunder Pig said

    I double-checked…Stan responded to my request, and this blog has been added to the blogs for borders blogroll. You can find my email address in the gmail account freeconstitution.
    The Joomla memory was another thing being run by NZ Bear…still can’t get in it, though.

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