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For Mark Johnson

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 23, 2007

This is Linda Cobaugh. She lost her brother, Mark Johnson to drugs. He was shot and killed over drug money.[Blogger refuses to let me post the photo…Click Here to see a full-size image on my photoBlog.–TP]

This is only one of the hundreds of people who have been harmed by drugs at the “Stop The Harm” Flashlight Vigil last night at City-County Plaza in Asheville, NC.

For me, this lady represents the hope that we can stop the harm. We can save people from drugs, we can save the families, the communities harmed by drugs.

The flag she holds represents all that is good about America, and hope that together we can do something about the problem.

I will keep you posted on further activities planned by the Asheville Buncombe Drug Commission, and hope to see you at next year’s vigil!

2 Responses to “For Mark Johnson”

  1. USpace said

    This is very sad about Mr. Johnson, and a terrible global situation. The Drug War exists primarily for it’s own preservation.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe wants
    more drug war violence

    more kids addicted to drugs
    terrorists need money too

  2. Thunder Pig said

    As someone who has fought the drug war Mack Bolan style in the 80s and 90s, I can tell you that the drug trade is the primary reason our southern border remains open to this day.
    Drugs are very corrupting on people’s morals and any government that exist where they are used. For example, did you know that the drug trade flourishes very well inside the most secure of our prisons? Prison employees either bring it in themselves, or look the other way when certain visitors bring it in.
    I will continue fighting in the drug war, with or without government sanction, or popular approval. We must reach out to those who have been ensnared in its Hydra-like tentacles of deception.
    Drugs promise many things, and deliver hidden costs that far outweigh the perceived advantages. Their rewards are hidden in a three card monty, the game is fun, but payment is made foe every play, the hucksters telling the players they are doing well.
    I live in a digital universe. The morality of every choice is always represented by one of two states, moral or immoral. No in between. Sometimes it is hard to tell due to excessive noise to signal ratio that is present in our own lives and that which is present in our cultural surroundings. We make wrong choices everyday, unable to discriminate which is which, and taking comfort that we are not alone in this.
    This post is in memory of Mark Johnson, who lost his life to the lies of drugs.

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