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Asheville Buncombe Drug Commission Community Flashlight Vigil Tonight

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 22, 2007

Tonight – – we want to light up the sky” over Asheville…by asking everyone who cannot attend to join those at the vigil by stepping out on their porch, sidewalk, or deck with a flashlight to demonstrate their concern
about the harms of hard drugs. Look for the giant search light at 7:00 as the signal to “light up the sky and stop the harm“!
We need your help to get the word out to everyone!
Asheville-Buncombe Drug Commission
Learn, focus, act ~ together…
Our community drug vigil is tonight!
Drug Fact # 2
According to the Office of National Drug Policy, emergency room visits resulting from the abuse of painkillers alone has gone up 163% since 1995. Painkiller addiction from prescription and illegal purchases is one of the fastest growing hidden hard drug problems in the US.
We must stop the harm!

“Stop the Harm” Flashlight Vigil

Bringing our community together to shine a light on the harms of hard drugs…

Where: City-County Plaza (you bring a flashlight and we’ll bring the red cellophane covers)

When: Thursday evening, February 22, 2007, rain, snow or shine from 6:30-7:15 pm

Who: Anyone who has lost a family member to drugs, been personally affected by drugs, is

living near drug activity, or who cares about the harms.

Why: To highlight the harms of hard drugs, illuminate causes, and call the public and city leaders to action in addressing our open air drug market.

Event Schedule

  • Introductory comments- Councilman Mumpower
  • Opening prayer- Pastor Whitesides
  • Welcome from the Mayor- Mayor Bellamy
  • Take a stand- Matt Mittan
  • Presentation by a father and son on drug harms- Shad & Shad Jr. Waters
  • Presentation by a young lady- Ms. Amy
  • Fighting back with song- Rockell Whitesides
  • Flashlight ceremony – voices and lights over the city! Carl Mumpower
  • “Stop the Harm” chant- Selina Sullivan
  • Closing prayer followed by the Lord’s Prayer- Pastor Buddy Corbin

This will be a 30-40 minute event from beginning to end. Each presentation will be 2-3 minutes. The highlight will be a ceremony where participants (everyone is asked to bring a flashlight) will shine their light on the ground – those who have a family member, friend, or loved one who has been harmed will have a red cover on their flashlight and one by one call a name they wish to recognize and raise their flashlight toward the night as they do so. When all names have been called, everyone else in attendance will raise their flashlight and that will be the moment we turn on the SkyTracker search light. That, in turn, will be the signal for everyone in Asheville who cannot attend the event to step onto their porch, yard, or street and shine their own light toward the night. It’s all about shining a light on a commitment to “Stopping the Harm” of hard drugs in Asheville ~ together…

~Sponsored by the Asheville-Buncombe Drug Commission~

Dedicated to preventing and addressing the causes and consequences of hard drugs in our community… ~ (828) 252-8390

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