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NC Lottery Trolling for Fools With $20 Bills

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 12, 2007

The North Carolina ‘Education’ Lottery is aiming to increase victims sales by introducing a $20 a pop raffle ticket for 4 chances in 500,000 to win $1,000,000;
5 Chances in 499,996 to win $100,000; and 500 in 499,496 to win $1,000.
The other 99.89% get a piece of paper spit out by a computer.

My first thought was “surely there aren’t enough people dumb enough to buy these tickets,” then I remembered the time I had spent in lines at gas stations while people bought reams of the scratch-offs. Now, whenever possible, I get my fuel at stations that don’t sell the tickets, and make sure I tell the workers there why I am doing so, and some tell me they quit selling the tickets because it was costing them customers who bought other things as well.

I keep thinking of all the good that money could do if it were invested in a no load mutual fund, a savings account, or a college fund for the children of these people, instead of into the coffers of the lottery company and the state to use in construction of schools and not for educating anyone.

Here are a couple of newspaper articles about the new scheme game:

Raleigh News & Observer

Charlotte Observer

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