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Crystal Clear

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 11, 2007

One of the multitude of photos I’ve taken in the last two weeks of icy formations.
I hope to be posting them here and on my photoblog.

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DNC’s Imam on Sean Hannity Radio Show

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 11, 2007

I regret not tuning in to Hannity Friday on my way home from work on XM124 because the imam who led the DNC Leadership in prayer was on the show, and he would not answer Sean’s questions. Luckily, one of the Lizard Nation crowd recorded it, and put it up on You Tube., and it is posted at Little Green Footballs.

It is hilarious!

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The Gathering Storm

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 11, 2007

There is an excellent blog I would like to point people toward reading, and subscribing to it’s weekly newsletter, and listen to it’s weekly radio show, which is also available as a podcast if you can’t listen live.

The blog is The Gathering Storm, and I have enjoyed being kept up to date on its focus of the enemy’s tactics: Intimidation, Infiltration, Disinformation, and others as well.

Here is a taste of an entry for this past Friday:

Storm Track Disinformation: CAIR – Promoting Ideology Over Community

Blond Sagacity posted a biting blog on CAIR and its feud with the Fox Network over the TV show 24.

Making a show about modern day terrorism without using Muslims extremists would be like making a Mafia show and using Guatemalans. In fact, considering that almost every act of terrorism over the past 20 years was perpetrated by young radical Muslim males, when I see a show that doesn’t have the balls to make the terrorist a Muslim I chalk it up to PC tripe.

Here’s what has CAIR’s burka’s in a bunch.

“…”The overwhelming impression you get is fear and hatred for Muslims,” said Rabiah Ahmed, a spokeswoman for the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations. She said Thursday she was distressed by this season’s premiere. “After watching that show, I was afraid to go to the grocery store because I wasn’t sure the person next to me would be able to differentiate between fiction and reality.”

Ahem!! Excuse me!! Americans are quite able to distinguish between fiction and reality. Case in point is 9-11. There was only one incident of Muslim’s being attacked – and killed – and that was on a man wearing a turban who was not even Muslim – he was a Sikh. What Americans seem to be having trouble with is separating fiction from reality when it comes to statements from Islamist supporting organizations and individuals like CAIR.

Go ahead and add this blog to your favorites, or your sidebar or blogroll if you have a blog.

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