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Pelosi Wants a Bigger PonyPlane

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 9, 2007

There has been a bit of a controversy concerning Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanting a bigger plane for security reasons. Apparently, she does not want to stop for refueling on her weekly flights from Washington, DC to San Fransisco, California, and back.

Her current plane is a military version of a Gulfsteam III called a C-20B, that is the same type of plane used by former Speaker Denny Hastert

From the AirForce Fact Sheets page, the range is as follows:

Range: C-20B, 4,250 miles (3,698 nautical miles) long-range; C-20H, 4,850 miles (4,220 nautical miles) long range

The plane she wants is a modified Boeing 757 called a C-32, and its’ range is as follows:

Range: 5,500 nautical miles unrefueled range

She wants to upgrade to flying a plane equivalent to Air Force Two.

I listened all day to various talk shows as they discussed the story as part of the stories each show was following. On my commute home, I listened to Michael Reagan, who had special insight to the story due to his father being President for 8 years.

According to Michael Reagan, when family members fly on government aircraft, they are charged coach rates for their seats, and pay for the food served to them as well. Staff Members are also charged the same rates. The only exceptions are spouses, who only fly free if attending a public function as part of protocol.

Also the President is also charged for his meals at the White House by The Park Service, who operates The White House.

When attending fundraisers or other events not a public function, the event organizers are charged for the flight, and several are usually planned the same day to lessen the burden on any one event.

From Glenn Beck:
The C-32 costs $300,000 one way from Washington, DC to San Fransisco to operate, and puts out 10,000 lbs an hour more than the C-20B…so the round trip would result in 50 tons more CO2 emissions than the C-20B each week she returned home to her district.

I think what rankles, is the ‘Culture of Corruption’ meme that is exposed as just a means to get elected…she wants her family and friends to fly free.

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