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Posted by Thunder Pig on February 6, 2007

Senator Barack Obama is articulate. So am I.
Get over yourself. He isn’t an exception because he is black, and I’m not typical because I’m white. Most people today, black, white or otherwise, are not articulate. They cannot and do not clearly express themselves. That explains the vast number of bad relationships, poor work performance and lowly lifestyles.
Go out into the streets of our cities and suburbs. Listen to the drivel most teenagers spew. Listen to their idiotic parents who bred them. They go well beyond regional slang and jive, like we all used as kids, to be “cool”, and tread into the realm of non-English. They mangle words, phrases and meanings. They don’t convey their ideas in a captivating way. Mostly, they speak in short guttural bursts interlacing every comment, with “Aiight”, “You know what I’m saying”, “you kno’”, “uh”, “yeah”, “like”, etc. etc.
Their language is intentionally meant to confuse, to obfuscate, to ostracize others and to impart condescendence towards those they wish to personally condemn. They think it is funny when they can talk among themselves and nobody else “understands” the “code.” They snicker and laugh at you because you speak well. And are not one of them. I have some sad news for these losers. No one wants to be them. They aren’t special when they speak like that. They sound like morons.
It is a pathetic attempt to be special in a world they cannot fathom. They are unable to compete or relate genuinely intuitive thought according to accepted standards so they destroy the standard instead of making the attempt. In the process, they only destroy themselves and our society. Because they breed more insipidity as the age.
Their language is mean-spirited, obnoxious and rude. They are ill-mannered and generally completely ignorant of higher thoughts. They have no room for compassion, helpfulness or other ideals they demand bestowed on them by those who actually perform well. There is hope for some, but not for others. They are determined to be nothing more than they are now. They are the masses once referred to by Marxist philosophers and their lack of motivation is a threat to civilization itself. They may be smart, but the more time they spend acting and speaking in this manner brings them closer to stupid daily. They spend their time listening to the music of those who would denigrate the language and society itself, glorifyingly singing of rape, sex and violence towards others. Where theft and hate are allowed and encouraged. Where intolerance is fine against those you want to be tolerant of you.
They do not have command of a decent vocabulary thanks to the deficient and retarded national school system. Neither do they understand syntax, rules of grammar nor the power of combining statements to lay the foundation for an adequate argument.
Our schools no longer support nor teach debate since the students are for the most part incapable of writing, reading, understanding, and reiterating thoughts in a cogent, concise, precise, or other demonstrative manner which clearly paints a picture of their thoughts on any subject. We give them false praise instead of hard lessons. We let Johnnie know his work is “good’ when really it is poor and unusable. This carries over into college and life. We now fear criticizing anyone so their self-esteem won’t suffer. That kills any chance of improvement. Students today believe they are doing well. They are not. Generally, they are incompetent in every way.
It is not the fault of the teacher, nor the student, nor the administration, nor the families, nor society. They would pass the blame anyway. Primarily, I view it as the fault of the entertainer. Today’s cultural icons, elevated to hero status, focus not on the principles, moral guidance, literacy or example they can set when enunciating ideas.
The modern successful musician, actor, model, and sports star, regardless of race, continuously utter statements which reveal true historic ignorance, which only contributes to the cultural void we now face. Businesses, like the television programmers, cater to this deficient group, because they spend money on consumer goods. And we end up with shows that devolve into more of the same hate-filled, poke-fun-at-your-neighbor, reduce-society-to-ashes, trash. There are no more morality plays allowed, and no good metaphor goes unpunished. Reality TV should teach us one thing. In reality, people really are genuinely pretty disgusting.
With all secular humanist ideals met, no culture is a complete culture. When you strive for no goal and seek to make everyone equal, no one is superior in tone or intellectual ability.
And when that glorious milestone of creating a cultural morass is reached, there will be none left who can express themselves in anything but the most rudimentary manner. We have dumbed down speech, writing and every other expressive art form to the point of inarticulation.
So when people get upset that one points out a politician like Barack Obama is articulate, they feel bad about themselves or their race. They should. We all should feel bad about ourselves and our races. What we should do is stop seeing race at all. But that would impact the survival of many “non-profit” organizations which leech off taxpayers to provide questionable services to those who are allowed to continue acting like complete deficients. We’ve bred and supported the lowest common denominator and passed it off as high civilization. Yet this is the best the world has to offer.
We are fools, unable to speak intelligibly. Those who are well-spoken, clearly understood, or stellar in any way, become articulate. It is a blessing and a curse. Children with good language skill sets are immediately the targets of bullies and taught there is danger in being productive, creative or articulate. It is a sick underpinning which is generally ignored. I was abused as a child simply for being able to speak my mind in an adult manner. Today, I would probably be dead in the street for being intelligent.
In a world which rewards mediocrity, the articulate are fast becoming unacceptable as an embarrassment to others. Don’t criticize and kill the messenger. These buffoons embarrass themselves. So, to hell with them. They are not worth my time. I will simply protect myself against the imbeciles as best I can.
If people don’t want to feel bad about being inarticulate, then they need to read some books, takes some speaking lessons, and create a new culture – one viably committed to maintaining the language and improving expression. There is no excuse that an adult cannot speak intelligently. They can always return to school.
Stop making “idiotspeak” a revered mode of conversation. Until then, I don’t want to hear about who uses what words properly. Or how their meaning is “perceived.” Fashizzle?
PS Senator Biden is a plagiarist so his level of articulation can only be assumed from his original comments, whatever those might be. I really don’t want a President who has to apologize every time he speaks. So Biden is not what we should consider articulate.
Obama IS articulate. So am I. And that should be encouraging.
I just don’t believe he is qualified to be President.
Anyone else out there agree?
– Richard Rivette
Authority is granted to reproduce this article at will provided the notice is given that the contents are copyright 2007 Richard Rivette.


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Posted by Thunder Pig on February 6, 2007

I found out that there may be a new mini-series based on the characters from the show that nearly bankrupted Warner Brothers in the 80’s.

Check out the page for the novel, which takes place 20 years after the series ended.

The authors’ website reveals that the Sacremento Zoo named its Reptile House after him.

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Hillary Clinton, Capitalist, Socialist, or Communist?

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 6, 2007

An American Chavez in the making?

That statement scares the willies out of me, and reminds me to keep my powder dry, and my head down!

*Note–I am having problems with the youtube version, so I am including the Live Leak version below.

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Global Warming. The Cold, Hard Facts?

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 6, 2007

A view of Thunder Pig from behing the ice.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Global Warming, as we think we know it, doesn’t exist. And I am not the only one trying to make people open up their eyes and see the truth. But few listen, despite the fact that I was the first Canadian Ph.D. in Climatology and I have an extensive background in climatology, especially the reconstruction of past climates and the impact of climate change on human history and the human condition. Few listen, even though I have a Ph.D, (Doctor of Science) from the University of London, England and was a climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg. For some reason (actually for many), the World is not listening. Here is why.

What would happen if tomorrow we were told that, after all, the Earth is flat? It would probably be the most important piece of news in the media and would generate a lot of debate. So why is it that when scientists who have studied the Global Warming phenomenon for years say that humans are not the cause nobody listens? Why does no one acknowledge that the Emperor has no clothes on?

Believe it or not, Global Warming is not due to human contribution of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This in fact is the greatest deception in the history of science. We are wasting time, energy and trillions of dollars while creating unnecessary fear and consternation over an issue with no scientific justification. For example, Environment Canada brags about spending $3.7 billion in the last five years dealing with climate change almost all on propaganda trying to defend an indefensible scientific position while at the same time closing weather stations and failing to meet legislated pollution targets.

No sensible person seeks conflict, especially with governments, but if we don’t pursue the truth, we are lost as individuals and as a society. That is why I insist on saying that there is no evidence that we are, or could ever cause global climate change. And, recently, Yuri A. Izrael, Vice President of the United Nations sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirmed this statement. So how has the world come to believe that something is wrong?

Maybe for the same reason we believed, 30 years ago, that global cooling was the biggest threat: a matter of faith. “It is a cold fact: the Global Cooling presents humankind with the most important social, political, and adaptive challenge we have had to deal with for ten thousand years. Your stake in the decisions we make concerning it is of ultimate importance; the survival of ourselves, our children, our species,” wrote Lowell Ponte in 1976.

I was as opposed to the threats of impending doom global cooling engendered as I am to the threats made about Global Warming. Let me stress I am not denying the phenomenon has occurred. The world has warmed since 1680, the nadir of a cool period called the Little Ice Age (LIA) that has generally continued to the present. These climate changes are well within natural variability and explained quite easily by changes in the sun. But there is nothing unusual going on.

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More and more Scientists are coming forth to speak on this Great Deception known as human-caused global warming. For all you laymen out there…the Stalinist tactics of the adherents of the religion of global warming as they try to shut up their opposition is all the proof you need. In my personal investigations and interviews for my Algore Project, I have had “scientists” refuse to answer my questions and become very agitated once they understood I knew the scientific method:

  • 1. Observe some aspect of the universe.
  • 2. Invent a tentative description, called a hypothesis, that is consistent with what you have observed.
  • 3. Use the hypothesis to make predictions.
  • 4. Test those predictions by experiments or further observations and modify the hypothesis in the light of your results.
  • 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until there are no discrepancies between theory and experiment and/or observation.

Okay, observations have been made that global temperatures seem to be rising, and a hypothesis has been put forth that man is the Prime Cause of this global warming. The next step is where the hypothesis of global warming breaks down, and drastically.

Predictions must be made with the hypothesis. Back in the 80’s, I remember that the sea level was supposed to rise by tens of feet by the year AD 2000, and manhattan and many other coastal areas would be flooded. Didn’t happen. Temperatures were supposed to rise by a degree or more. Didn’t happen. So far, I believe these guys are batting zilch.

Step four is supposed to involve testing the predictive ability of the hypothesis, and fine tuning to make better predictions, or abandoning the hypothesis and starting over.

All I see is more predictions…moved up in time to where we won’t know if they prove true or not. Global Warming, for all its’ furious connecting of past events, sounds an awful lot like a Conspiracy Theory, which also lacks the ability to predict future events with any accuracy.

And if that fails…lie, lie, and lie some more. Case in point: The stranded Polar Bears Hoax.

Here is a little of the transcript from Rush Limbaugh:

By the way, do you remember last week Drudge had on his home page a picture of two polar bears? Actually, that picture goes back to 2004. I did a little research. I have found something. That picture has been totally misrepresented. It was of two polar bears on what looks like a melting glacier, a little ice floe that has split away, and they are supposedly stranded. That picture was taken back in 2004, and the caption for the original picture talks about how these polar bears, a mother and her cub, are playing around on an ice sculpture created by waves! An ice sculpture created by waves, a phenomenon that occurs when you have real cold water and cold air in the north like at the Arctic Circle. Now, nobody can tell me that waves are part of global warming, because waves have been in the ocean ever since there’s been the ocean. So global warming had no impact whatsoever on where those polar bears were!

They chose to be there. They swam out there, swam up on the ice floe. They can swim hundreds of miles, on top of the water, the surface, underneath. The whole thing was a fraud, and it is a great little microcosm for the entire global warming escapade. I got a whole global warming stack that we’ll get to today again — and, folks, again we’ve got record cold weather this week, and we don’t have any broadcast news stories questioning global warming! All summer long, or in late fall, we can get really hot temperatures and they’ll go banshee over the “fact” that there’s global warming. Now, there’s this cold front today that’s going to be all week, 35 wind chill in Chicago last night, and no news about global warming whatsoever maybe being questionable.

And click here to see the photo in its’ original context.

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