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Sharia Jane and Black Heart Kerry

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 28, 2007

Since Jane fonda has undergone a make-over, or return to her roots as an anti-war activist, I believe it is time for a new name for Jane.

I’m thinking Sharia Jane.

WaPo story

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) Speaks From His Black Heart

And, John Kerry calls the USA a “pariah” nation. Mr. Senator, I would rather die on my feet fighting the Islamic Fascists than to live on my knees like you and your kind. History will spit on your grave for generations to come.

2 Responses to “Sharia Jane and Black Heart Kerry”

  1. crotalus said

    How about “Jihad Jane”?

    However, I will always remember her as “Hanoi Jane”.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    [sighs deeply]

    You had to come up with a better one, did you?

    Jihad Jane it is! Especially if she wears one of them Terror-Scarves.

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