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Democrat Senator Russ Feingold Plans Non Binding Treason

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 26, 2007

Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., has scheduled a hearing next Tuesday in his Judiciary Committee subcommittee to explore whether Congress has the authority to cut off funding for the U.S. military campaign in Iraq. The move comes as Congress prepares to vote on a congressional resolution opposing President Bush’s escalation of the war.

Feingold, a fierce war critic, will force Democrats to consider an option many consider politically suicidal: denying funds to the military and U.S. soldiers to force a quicker end to the war. Democratic leaders have privately called on members to restrain from cutting off funding and focus on congressional resolutions condemning the Bush policy. The resolutions are nonbinding and therefore symbolic.

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In my opinion, this is treason. The Senators who vote for such a measure should be viewed with as much revulsion as General Benedict Arnold. Senator Russ Feingold is giving Aid and Comfort to the enemy in a time of war.

Perhaps President George W. Bush should counter treason like this with a Joint Session of Congress convened with the purpose of asking for a Declaration of War against the Terror Organization al-Qaeda, and all nations and terror groups that ally with, or offer aid to the group.

It would be “Put Up or Shut Up” Time. I feel he has the authority to proceed with with the conduct of World War IV without it, but it would serve the purpose of forcing the Congress Critters to act beyond their petty concerns, and perhaps cure them of their Bush Derangement Syndrome, or the voters would at the earliest opportunity.

If America is truly a 49 v 49 nation, where 49% believe in Senator Feingold’s Philosophy, then we are lost. Truly and well lost.

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