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Posted by Thunder Pig on January 25, 2007

This is the first in a series of Guest Commentaries I will be hosting from Conservative Activists and Commentators.

by Richard Rivette

Leave it to Reuters to omit facts or doctor photos. When they reported recently about a University of Florida study that showed two minutes in a microwave at full power could kill a range of bacteria, viruses and parasites on kitchen sponges, lots of readers tried their theory out.

The news service forgot to mention that the sponges needed to be wet. Very wet. Microwaves operate by accelerating, exciting those water molecules. But if you didn’t know that you end up with a very hard piece of rubbery substance that in some cases caught fire and filled homes with smoke. The article hit its mark and excited a frenzy of response by omitting the salient point. They could have incited a riot. And a lot of homes smell like burning tires now. The University spokesperson let news organizations know that they heard about similar complaints. They thought they should let people know “right away that the sponge should be wet.”

The university issued the following advisory: “To guard against the risk of fire, people who wish to sterilize their sponges at home must ensure the sponge is completely wet. Two minutes of microwaving is sufficient for most sterilization. Sponges should also have no metallic content. Last, people should be careful when removing the sponge from the microwave as it will be hot.” Duh. And duh to the news media, the boneheads. Always able to blow up something innocuous into a disaster to suit their own needs for news. News is a product today. Boring news doesn’t sell. Death and destruction sells. So that’s what we get.

We need those kinds of advisories when receiving reports about our success in Iraq. Take the news with a grain of salt and handle with care.

What did he say? Success? Did that man just use the word Iraq and success in the same sentence?

Yes, he did Virginia, and there is a Santa Claus. You know how I know? I don’t listen to nor read the popular pabulum that passes for news today. The news organizations sensationalized the war on terror to such an extent they have rallied the American populace behind them to decry that it is another Vietnam. It isn’t. The news media spent years now defrauding the public and blaming George Bush for the world’s ills. They’ve spent every waking moment deriding everything this country has done. And only reported one imbalanced side of what has been achieved overseas.

They have demoralized our population to the point where the entire Congress was skewed left. Where people are protesting as in the 60s again. And they forgot to print that very important fact. That your sponge should be wet before inserting it in the microwave.

The American public heard about more dead soldiers today, as did the armed forces courtesy of the respectful report by armed forces radio. But here is what they did not hear. What bolsters the President’s plan to place more troops in Baghdad to quell the sectarian violence, much of which the media had a hand in creating. Reporting false stories of treatment at Guantanamo, of flushed Korans (never happened), of rape and murder by U.S. troops as if it were widespread and rampant. It isn’t. They’ve blown up any isolated incident into the second coming. So they are complicit as traitors should we fail.

What you did not hear today was that THREE of our four northern divisions in the country stood down so the Iraqi divisions could take over all forward operations. Our military will only supply medical evacuation and some logistical background assistance. The Iraqis are taking control of large sections of their country, but that’s not what you are being told.

Our Senate is passing paper resolutions to help us fail, while our troops are strategically moved in country to cordon off violent areas and search, door-to-door as needed, to end militia dominance. The mission is on track. I am sorry if some want magic solutions. The complainers and protesting idiots do not help our position overseas with North Korea, Iran, Syria and other terrorist states by undermining this administration.

They can hardly call themselves Americans. Yes. Protest. Get it out. Then sit down, shut up and join the discussion to help facilitate an end to hostilities. That means subduing the enemy. Not turning on your own brothers.

The worst part is that the media avoids any reporting of the positive side of our efforts. The chipping away at terrorist effectiveness, the killing of their leaders, the trampling of their efforts to build new inroads. We are continuing to make progress but we are told the opposite. As if the entire military is a joke.

I truly hope those liberal liars don’t ever have to face a fight here at home. They will all be shot or incinerated by an enemy who does not distinguish between those who were tolerant and those who were not. They are going to be executed and I almost believe it serves them right. When you spend your whole day defending the enemy of freedom and liberty you get what you planned to receive.

Our forces will continue the fight, as always. Our new Congress will draw incorrect conclusions from insipid news reports. And people like Keith Ellison will hold up a Jeffersonian Koran as evidence of the founding father’s tolerance. When he was not. Jefferson believed the hype of his day about Islam. At first. He wanted so much to have everyone get along. Until he read the Koran. He read it to understand his enemy.

During the period of the Barbary Coast pirates (Islamic Fascist states along North Africa), Jefferson had to deal with the Dey of Algiers among others who lead jihad against American sailors. Innocent men and boys were killed, enslaved, castrated to be eunuchs and held in prisons for years without the pleasant accommodations present at Guantanamo.

Jefferson knew his enemy and recommended all out warfare against them once he understood them. That’s why the marines sing about “the shores of Tripoli”. Because they fought their country’s battles on the land and on the sea, from the very beginning.

As they do today. They press on. And Mr. Ellison, his supporters, the Islamic Fascists, Senator Clinton, and the entire left of this country have it wrong, because they believe the hype and media reports. Jefferson knew his enemy which is more than our liberals today do.

Keep the faith USA. We will see this through in the end somehow. It is not over by a long shot, but when you have an enemy willing to work for 1,400 years for your destruction, you have to have patience as well.

Fortunately, the fools running around today are a momentary phenomenon. We will be given a sobering reminder from the enemy I am sure, now that Congress will gut the President’s ability to defend us.

So then who should we blame when it happens?

Ourselves. For allowing ourselves to be duped by the edited version of the facts. The WMDs were carted off to Syria in 56 air flights documented in many ways. They exist in expanded underground bunkers alongside Syrian missiles. And they are buried in the Bekaa valley along the border and inside Lebanon. Do you think these terrorist states are going to openly tell us they have what we are looking for? Are you that naïve? Do you think other nations did not help undermine us? Nations like Russia, Brazil, and others? They did. Germany and France have enormous economic interests in Iran. They are torn between their NATO alliances and the need to sustain their economies. Do you think they don’t look the other way sometimes?

Do you remember being told there were no terrorists in Iraq?
The Ansar al-Islam terror organization practiced hijackings using mocked up airliners in the eastern Iraqi landscape with Saddam’s blessing. The Iranians have infiltrated every facet of the country now and we are in an undeclared war against them, a people led by a man who denies the Holocaust and desires nuclear weapons to annihilate us.

Do you remember Abu Nidal the notorious terrorist who pushed a defenseless, wheelchair bound American off the side of a cruise ship, the Achillae Lauro, in Greece?
Do you know where he lived? Baghdad. Do you know who his physician was? Saddam’s. With Saddam’s blessing. How blind does on have to be to the simple plain truth?

You can disbelieve what you want. Achmedinejad told us point blank he would vaporize Israel and the US. At least he is being open about it. So what do we do when it happens?

Pray. Focus. Respond. With all the force we can muster. And end their unholy Jihad once and for all. It is a sickness that must stop. We are the only ones who can stop it if we have the courage. We have to decide that Islam is evil and it must be removed as the cancer it is from the face of humanity.

From what the media portrays we Americans are no better than those stinking, burning sponges. Given what the enemy wants to do to us, those sponges probably have it better right now.

-Richard Rivette
Authority is granted to reproduce this article at will provided the notice is given that the contents are copyright 2007 Richard Rivette.

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