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Amazing Photos from russian Pilot

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 23, 2007

A Big Hat Tip Goes to Pajamas Media for this find.

Click here to see more.

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Area Teen Faces Deportation

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 23, 2007

This is one of the type of immigrant the America needs. Someone willing to go through the hurdles of the legal system to become an American. The fate of all those bureaucrats, however, should be the same as all the bureaucrats in the State Department, unemployment.

A portion of the story is below, and the entire article is here:

ASHEVILLE — Seventeen-year-old Rubidia Carballo will leave Roberson High School Wednesday not sure if she will ever see her friends again.

If a court hearing in Atlanta doesn’t go her way, Carballo fears also she might not return to the home she has known since age 8, when she fled her family’s native El Salvador.

The Carballos traveled, mostly by foot, through Central America and across the U.S.-Mexico border to find work and a future in the United States.

Protection status given the family has allowed them to stay, though the Carballos said they have been unable to learn from government officials and immigration lawyers why Rubidia recently lost that designation, an issue to come up in the court hearing.


This is part of the oxymoronic state of affairs in America, if this girl, and her family, had come here illegally, they would face no problems of this sort.
What kind of lesson does that teach others?
Becoming an American is not easy, as Paul Purdue can tell you.

I believe the process is too expensive, and mind-numbingly full of bureaucratic hogwash.

At least Attorney general Alberto Gonzales won’t order a S.W.A.T. Team in to take the girl back, like AG Janet Reno did, huh?

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