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Asheville Police criticize Dr. Mumpower’s efforts to Combat Drug Dealers

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 18, 2007

The article I am responding to is here.

In the article, two officers are listed as sending emails opposed to Dr. Mumpower’s efforts. A Sgt Michael Yelton, and a Lt Chris Young.

Michael Yelton

Sgt. Mike Yelton, in an e-mail to his supervisor, said Mumpower distracted an officer watching for signs of trouble in a stop that involved a cocaine seizure.

“I immediately thought this was a strange occurrence, but assumed he was conducting another of his many forays into law enforcement,” Yelton wrote.

“I was left with the distinct impression that Dr. Mumpower desired an immediate and personal response to his presence and waiting was not an option,” he wrote.

Hogan and City Manager Gary Jackson were included in the exchange of messages.

Mumpower made them public Wednesday, saying he heard of the complaints only one hour before a City Council meeting Tuesday night during which he criticized police.

Hogan would not comment Wednesday and would not say whether Mumpower should have been criminally charged.

First things first…Sgt Yelton’s attitude toward Mumpower per his statement “forays into law enforcement” reveals a “group think” attitude. He seems to think that law enforcement is the domain of a knighted few, instead of every citizen’s duty. APD has always had a bad rep, and their response isn’t helping. I still remember the way APD handled demonstrators against the war in 2003. While I strongly disagree with the anti-war movement, they have a right to peaceably assemble.

Sounds like a typical strategy of attacking the messenger when the message is too dangerous. I can’t help but wonder what the Asheville Police Department would do with photographic and Video Evidence of Drug Activity. Would they go after the providers of such data? I think so.

As a resident of a far western county, I can report that Asheville has been perceived as the regional hub of drug activity.

Chief Hogan should capitalize on this effort by Dr. Mumpower, and work with him, instead of against him. I smell a bureacratic tendency to ‘protect his turf’ from competition. Bureaucrats are the petty little tyrants that will destroy the fabric of our once free Republic. This is so sad. It is too bad that we are headed down this path.

I think of all the minds going to waste, and I wonder if Chief Hogan should set up a parallel hotline to Crime Stoppers for the Drug Dealers, and objecting APD Officers (And Mayor Bellamy) to use to report Dr. Mumpower’s activities and call it Crime Enablers.

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