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Mass Murderer: The Life and Death of Che Guevera

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 13, 2007

Photo of Che I swiped from The Freedom Fighter’s Journal.

Find out the true story behind the scum of the earth worshipped by lefty America-haters.

Click here to go to The Freedom Fighter’s Journal.

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Asheville Citizen-Times Sides With Drug Dealers Part II

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 13, 2007

The following is in response to a comment to Asheville Citizen-Times Sides With Drug Dealers:

Screwy Hoolie said…

What are you talking about, TP? I can’t figure out your point. You quote the article that explains that we’ve increased enforcement and prosecution of drug laws, yet you find fault because…???

…the way the drug laws are enforced locally serve to support an entire industry in the court system, social services, mental health, and associated fields who are parasites to the problem. Cut down on the open air drug dealing, and some people might have to work for a living in the above industries.

I guess you’re saying that government needs to do more to arrest drug users, but inferring that the newspaper, the television, and the city council are pro-drug dealer is, frankly, untrue.

The article you quote is the most damning evidence against your strange theorem. The city has done more, not less, and will continue to do so.

The above mentioned people are acting as enablers for the problem to continue by halting a whistle-blower who has exposed public corruption in these people, and ourselves. We have been complacent with this problem. By their actions, those who oppose Dr. Mumpower’s efforts now become complicit in allowing the drug dealers to operate openly.

I don’t think keeping Dr. Mumpower out of the police cars is going to make a difference.

Au contraire, it has made all the difference in the world!!!
Keeping Dr. Mumpower out of police cars was supposed to have kept him from making the problem public. Their clumsy political effort has backfired. Now people are talking about the problem of open air drug dealing in Asheville, NC.
And now, Dr. Mumpower is not alone in his quest to free the victims of the drug trade.

Further, when the man stole crack from someone in the projects, he became a drug thief.

If you truly believe that, file charges.

Strange days when the conservative blogger attacks the police for increasing enforcement of drug laws while getting behind the crack thief…

Strange days indeed.

Strange days, indeed. The conservative blogger wishes to see people freed from misery; not to be used as cogs in the wheels that support an entire industry that profits from their misery.

There is enough blame to go around…will you join Dr. Mumpower in solving the problem he has exposed?

Or will you continue to attempt to score political points at the expense of those poor souls who live in the projects, and those who have erroneously chosen a life of crime?

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