Thunderpig’s Mirror

The Democratic Miscalculation

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 5, 2007

I am 100% confident that with the upcoming Congressional and Senatorial sessions and the fact that both houses now are in the hands of the Democrats that the American people will see why they voted the Republicans into office in the first place.

Nancy Pelosi ascended to the proverbial throne yesterday becoming the first ever elected woman as Speaker of the House of Representatives, but she has yet to claim the title of queen bee within the Democratic Party as she had hoped.

That distinct privilege and honor would fall to the less than worthy Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton and it’s a title she won’t easily give up.

Hillary Clinton, like Nancy Pelosi believe that the agenda that they have put forth is the correct and responsible one, but what they never talk about is how anything they put forward will ever make it through the narrow advantage that they now posses in the Senate over the Republicans.

What is never mentioned by the Democrats and the mainstream media is the fact that there is a great deal of infighting going on within the upper hierarchy of the Democratic leadership.

In fact the Democratic Party has absolutely no concrete or consensus opinion regarding the Iraq War, they complain constantly about it and obviously have no desire to achieve victory, but they wouldn’t dare to not fund the military operations that are now taking place.

Rightwing Guy


From Your Lips to God’s Ears, Terry.

One of the things that Conservatives need to do is to get active in our local communities, and build up the base for the 2008 elections, and get those who don’t normally vote, involved before then.

get in the trenches, people!

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