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Wang Wenyi on The John Batchelor Show Tonight

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 24, 2006

Wang Wenyi, a 47 year-old doctor and member of Falun Gong, has been charged with:

Willfully intimidating, coercing, threatening and harassing a foreign official.

According to Secret Service translations provided in court documents, she shouted in Chinese:
“Stop oppressing the Falun Gong” and
“Your time is running out” and
“Anything you have done will come back to you in this lifetime.” She also shouted in English:
”President Bush, stop him from killing,” and
“President Bush, stop him from persecuting the Falun Gong a spiritual movement banned in China.”

Source for charges and translation.

I think more of us ought to heckle the Chinese President where ever he appears in our country, and we should tell Bush43 that we do not appreciate him being friendly with the ChiComms. He should recognize Taiwan, establish an embassy there, and tell the ChiComms that Taiwan is under our nuclear umbrella.

Wang Wenyi will be on The John Batchelor Show tonight.

Here are four places you can listen in (six if you count AM Radio):

AM 770 WABC Radio New York City Airing 10pm to 1 am.

AM 630 WMAL Radio Washington, DC Airing 9pm to 1 am.

XM Radio Channel 124 Airing 9 pm to 1 am.

Sirius Radio Channel 143 Airing 9 pm to 1 am.

4 Responses to “Wang Wenyi on The John Batchelor Show Tonight”

  1. bobby fletcher said

    Let’s not forget Dr. Wang is the lead researcher for Epoch Times NY’s convienently timed “Sujiatun Auschwitz” allegation that has since being discredited:

    US government knew the concentration camp claim was bunk before 3/21, I won’t speculate why we sat this news until 4/15, a Friday afternoon (knowing it won’t make news until Monday.)

    Given Dr. Wang’s profession and New Yorks recent string of grisly illegal organ harvesting cases, it’s not hard to see how she put two and two together and rehashed the 70’s era anti-communist tall tales of people sentenced to vivisection during Cultural Revolution.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    I took the time to peruse your other blogs. Being an apologist of the ChiComms is not something to be proud of, and the anti-Bush 43 stuff does nothing to for your credibility.

  3. bobby fletcher said

    Hey, it’s your blog, feel free to go after the messenger when you have not answer.

    I’m sure it is emotionally satisfying to stick with that “chicom/red China” stuff…

  4. Thunder Pig said

    I am most ardently anti-Communist. This ideology has killed more than 100 million, enslaved more than a billion, and would extinguish the spark of human creativity, if that were even possible.
    I’m not going after the messenger, just pointing out my observations. There are many people blogging about the particulars of the ChiComms (short for Cinese Communists), and Communism in general.

    The major difference I see between Communism (Socialism) and Capitalism is that Capitalism allows the human spirit to excell, pulling everyone up..While Communism (Socialism) attempts to kill the human spirit, pulling everyone down to the same level.

    As long as private citizens in the USA have our weapons, and the means to build them in our home workshops, Communism (Socialism) will have a rough time becoming established over here. Barring a gradual take over from within, of course.

    Continue blogging on a regular basis to get your word out, and feel free to comment here on any topic I’ve covered. Debate and discussion of the issues are welcomed in the USA, and allows many intellects to chew through problems, as opposed to centralized planning, where chaos builds.

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