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John Armor announces run for 11th District Seat

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 20, 2006

I’ve been playing catchup on the Armor story…here is an excerpt of his article in The North Carolina Conservative:

The first question about running for Congress should be, what are the needs of the District? For the 11th District, those can be boiled down to two words: jobs and education.

The economy here divides roughly into thirds: manufacturing, agriculture and tourism. All are under pressure. In manufacturing, whole factories ā€“ especially in textiles ā€“ have been packed up and shipped outside the US, leaving behind vacant buildings, asphalt parking lots dotted with grass, and thousands of able workers without jobs. Federal, state and local cooperation is needed to stem the bleeding of existing jobs, and attract new companies into this area of relatively low costs, excellent climate, and most of all, reliable employees.

I believe this guy can win both the primary and general election this year. I, however, disagree with the support of tourism. My reason is most jobs in tourism are seasonal and pay low wages. A Tourist business is good if you own it, not if you work for the owner. My bias is showing, No?

5 Responses to “John Armor announces run for 11th District Seat”

  1. Screwy Hoolie said

    It seems I’ve seen your name and Armor’s together somewhere. Do you personally know the candidate?

  2. Thunder Pig said

    I have only spoken with him when he made guest appearances on The Bill Fishburne Show on WZNN. He was the Legal Eagle commenting on the Supreme Court nominations, Kelo v New London, and such. He seems to be a very sharp guy and well spoken.
    I wish I knew he was planning to run, now I’ve wasted over a dozen hours of research comparing and contrasting Shuler and Taylor.
    Go read his stuff on The North Carolina Conservative,, and Free
    Unless Republicans in this district are idiots, this guy should win the primary with no problem. This kind of puts the Shuler camp, and my research back to square one.

  3. Screwy Hoolie said

    Thanks for the history, TP.

    How do you think Armor can get his message to the district’s voters? That is, what will move them to vote for Armor over Taylor? Further, what tactics do you think he’ll use to get noticed?

  4. Thunder Pig said

    It will be difficult for three reasons primarily:
    1)Local media coverage. WLOS was all over the Shuler announcement, and the people I talked to at WLOS didn’t know who Armor was, and not a peep out of the papers.
    2)Once they become aware of his race, he will be ignored because Shuler stands a better chance against Taylor due to most big media outlets being left of center…
    3) CAFTA. That missed vote may be the single bigges error, intentional or not, that Taylor ever made. The only way he could have redeemed himself would have been to literally foam at the mouth on national TV to get his vote “correctly” recorded whether he succeeded or not. A lot of the senior citizens I’ve spoken with are suspicious of that vote.
    I don’t know how he can get noticed, and hope he won’t rely on the internet to get the word out. He will have to get on the road and speak at every club meeting that will schedule him.
    Taylor is well-loved by Republicans, and has to wlk a fine line with the Armor run… Engage him too much and validate him… Ignore him and risk the whirlwind.

    Since I am a conservative before I am a Republican, the candidacy of Armor promises to at least force Taylor to focus on core values. Bringing home pork money is technically against core conservative values.

    I hope to b able to cover at least one appearance each by all the candidates as they swing through local venues, and look forward to your coverage of the races, and get a kick out of your pointed writing. Maybe one day, I’ll write as well.

  5. Screwy Hoolie said


    BlogAsheville may get the opportunity to host Mr. Armor for a Q&A. More details as they emerge. Stay tuned.

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