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Two different sides to how Cubans prepare for Hurricanes…

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 21, 2005

Call it serendipity, synchronicity, or whatever. I think it was yesterday morning when I heard a story on NPR while driving in to work singing the praises of Cuban hurricane preparedness.
It went something like this… When a storm is coming, the whole island springs into action, with committees for everything from local to national. Committees inspect houses to see if they can withstand projected storm damage. If not, the occupants are forthwith ‘evacuated’ to a shelter nearby, such as a school. Other committees go around cutting trees they think may fall, cutting utility line, falling into structures, and/or blocking roads. Food is gathered for the evacuation centers. The storm passes, and more inspections take place as the ‘efficient’ Cuban government is everywhere at once, (unlike the Bush administration) providing prompt response. ( sarcasm Being a good parent /sarcasm).

Then, this morning, while enjoying a day off from work,I came across this while stopping by at Instapundit.

Apparently, NPR is suffering from the Main StreamLegacy Media’s love affair with the Bearded One.

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Terror Update

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 18, 2005

Blogger is acting up again, I can’t choose a font or size for this post. Bummer.

Anyhow, here goes:

Jihad Watch and Norteast Intelligence Network have questions about Hinrichs, as does The Counter Terrorism Blog

And in a strangely similar case, The Gates of Vienna posts on the Saudis a la The Counter Terrorism Blog.

That’s all I have for now, I’m still covering up ditches at work after putting in service taps and water meter stuff with Billy. That whacker packer is EVIL. Trust Me. Evil, I tell you.

Update: Check out The World History Blog. I need to spend more time looking for more sites…but I’ve already got too many to read, what to do? I know, less sleep.

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Apology Time

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 16, 2005

I made some comments in this post that were inappropriate, and I officially aoplogise to Brian O’Brien, the WZNN station advertisers, and listeners.

Update I can’t get the stupid link to work…go to the October 4th post just a couple of posts down.

I also apologised in the comments section of that post when I came across it yesterday while at the library, and will send Brian a personal email along these lines.

I still miss The Bill Fishburne Show. I have listened to Bill for a few years now, and hope to be able to again. I’d really like to see him start a blog.

The show that replaced Bill’s is hosted by Brian O’Brien and is called Top of The Morning on WZNN. And yes, I do listen, despite my harsh words written earlier. Brian can’t fill Bill’s shoes, he has his own pair.

I still wanna be mad at somebody besides terrorists, any ideas?

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Tropical Depression #24 likely to strengthen

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 16, 2005

Later today or tomorrow, TD#24 will likely become Tropical Storm Wilma, tying the record set in 1933. Then after that would come a storm named Alpha. I can already hear the enviro-whackos lecture us about global warming as they ride aroung in their SUVs yakkin’ on their cellphones. Enough yakkin’ from me for now, here are some links to keep a watch on the storm a brewing down south.

Check here

Why type all that info again? Especially since cut-n-paste is still a mystery to me!!!

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The Bill Fishburne Show canceled

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 4, 2005

Yesterday, while listening to Ken Bagwell’s show, Heads Up America, I heard hime say that there had been some personnel changes at the station.

My heart sank. The first two hours of Heads Up America dragged, because I knew it wouldn’t be good. My pessimism was rewarded by the announcement that Bill’s morning show had been cancelled, and he was let go. Brian O’Brien would be replacing him with a new show. Lack of advertising was the stated reason. Of course, Ken put a good face on it by saying that this would open up new opportunities for Bill.

I have heard that song and dance before, I won’t bore you with the details. Another proof of one of my mottos “Never trust anyone wearing a suit, or in management.”

Needless to say, I am disappointed, but it does free up my mornings from being glued to the radio as a certainty. I’ve been burned too many times to get attached again. Just klike my German Sheperd Laika was my last dog, so was Bill Fishburne my last morning show. I will listen to Brian’s new show occaisionally, but I won’t care enough to patronize any sponser.

I will continue my last post at another time.

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General Musings

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 1, 2005

General Musings

Friday was one of those days that went on and on and on, but I had fun doing it. For we had an emergency at work!

The day started off well. My first duties were to assist the moving of several sections of 8” water pipes from one place to another, then moving all the associated connectors, water meter boxes, etc to the same area, and perform a general cleanup.

Then, I was to assist in the placing of a water line across the main drag of the subdivision—before any turn offs—so, all traffic had to pas by our work area. The plan was to do one half, then place the pipe in, cover it up 6” at a time, pack it (my job), then repeat on the other side. That was the plan. However, not all plans survive contact with the enemy. Our enemy was a phone line (300 pairs) located where it was not indicated by orange spray painted lines provided by the phone company, who shall remain nameless, but whose initials are appropriately enough wait for, b.s. enough said.

The digging was put off until after lunch, during which I played around with my new grinding s350 field radio. One comment up front>>>> its am broadcast band reception sucks. I guess I should have read more about that aspect, which is very important to me.

On the shortwave bands it performed well. I was pleased with the reception of a number of stations, some of them even in English. My Mexican co-workers appreciated hearing some Spanish stations. A Spanish numbers station really puzzled them as to why someone would broadcast numbers. I found a station broadcasting from Cuba, and was surprised that they all laughed and told me that Fidel castor was a bad man, which warmed the cockles of my conservative heart to the core. They said all he told were lies and he made everybody but his friends poor.   Wow.   As Laura Ingram’s call screeners want callers to do, they got to the bottom line point, better even than most pundits out there.

While the track hoe dug out the first half of the road, I flagged traffic. This allowed me to listen to the radio, which I don’t always get to do when working around big equipment. I listened to the Danny Fontana show on wznn-am. As usual, I was entertained. Danny and his wife, Mary, were discussing bill Bennett’s unfortunate remarks that were taken to task by the legacy media.
Danny thought that bill was right to a certain extent, and Mary thought he shouldn’t have said them. Before I realized what was happening, I had called in and got through. First time attempt on that show and made it to the call screener, which I believe was their son, Casey. I was put on the air and I stated that I agreed with what Bill Bennet said, and added that most people who abort children are (would be) single parents, and statistics show that more criminals come from that demographic as opposed to two parents, so that is an unfortunate bonus of abortion, which is murder.

Danny got a kick out of it, but I don’t think Mary did. I also said that bill was courageous because he said what he said despite the coming liberal (legacy) media firestorm. It didn’t occur to me then that he could’ve not thought about what he said. Anyway, I put forth that we shouldn’t allow the liberal media take words out of our mouths before we even say them. That, I believe, is a form of censorship where we do their work for them. My thoughts weren’t quite that coherent, but that is the main gist of my points.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the phone line was found by the track hoe and rather nicely broken. This brought all work to a halt. I ended up directing traffic for longer than initially planned, and never did get to operate the whacker packer (maybe Monday). The guy from the phone company showed up, and he got to work. I occasionally snuck over and watched, impressed with his speed as he matched all those tiny little color coded wires to their mates across the way.

On the radio, “the history guy”, also on WZNN, was a best of show. I hope Dr. Forstchen is okay. I really enjoy his show and probably shouldn’t call in nearly every week. Only when I have a really cogent point to make. Yeah, right.

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