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WZNN Schedule change announced

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 21, 2005

My favorite radio station is maling another schedule change. Here they are according to my notes copied from my palm pilot (the palm of my hand) to clipboard in the truck, to here:

7am Top of the Morning w/ Brian O’Brien (the same)
10am Laura Ingraham
12pm No Apologies w/ Brandon Randolph (new..unsure of spelling.)
1pm Local Matters digg show every day (new time)
Monday Mountain Guardian
Tuesday Entrepreneurs Edge (moved from Saturday.)
Wednesday Lifestyles Food and Wine
Thursday The Tech Guy (new show)
Friday The History Guy
2pm Dennis Praeger (last hour live)
3pm Heads Up America w/ Ken Bagwell

That’s all Ilisten to because I can’t hear the station while commuting from the Macon/Jackson County line. 😦

Last time I looked, it wasn’t posted, so I get to say…FIRST!!! Well, SECOND, if you count the announcement itself.

If I didn’t have to work for a living, I could post with the frewquency, if not the quality of Glenn Reynolds!!!

Gotta go, only 11 minutes left on the machine.

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Two different sides to how Cubans prepare for Hurricanes…

Posted by Thunder Pig on October 21, 2005

Call it serendipity, synchronicity, or whatever. I think it was yesterday morning when I heard a story on NPR while driving in to work singing the praises of Cuban hurricane preparedness.
It went something like this… When a storm is coming, the whole island springs into action, with committees for everything from local to national. Committees inspect houses to see if they can withstand projected storm damage. If not, the occupants are forthwith ‘evacuated’ to a shelter nearby, such as a school. Other committees go around cutting trees they think may fall, cutting utility line, falling into structures, and/or blocking roads. Food is gathered for the evacuation centers. The storm passes, and more inspections take place as the ‘efficient’ Cuban government is everywhere at once, (unlike the Bush administration) providing prompt response. ( sarcasm Being a good parent /sarcasm).

Then, this morning, while enjoying a day off from work,I came across this while stopping by at Instapundit.

Apparently, NPR is suffering from the Main StreamLegacy Media’s love affair with the Bearded One.

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